Sandeep Das and the HUM Ensemble: Delhi to Damascus

Performing Arts - Music | October 7 | 3-5 p.m. |  Hertz Concert Hall

 Sandeep Das and the HUM Ensemble, Cal Performances

 Cal Performances

Tabla player and Grammy Award-winning member of the Silkroad Ensemble, Sandeep Das celebrates the vibrant cultural heritage shared by India and Syria in the latest project by his HUM Ensemble. Strings, drums, bowed drones, and raga and maqam melodies rooted in Sufi poetry come together to connect ancient civilizations with modern virtuosity in The Road to Damascus. Das is joined by Syrian oud player Issam Rafea, Indian vocalist and sarangi player Suhail Yusuf Khan, and sitar player Rajib Karmakar to explore centuries of classical and folk music that emerged along the winding trade Road from Jaisalmer in India to Damascus in Syria.

 All Audiences

 All Audiences

 $54 (prices subject to change)

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Sandeep Das and the HUM Ensemble perform Delhi to Damascus Sunday, October 7, 2018 in Hertz Hall.