Corteva Agriscience Seminar: New Bond Connections by C–H Functionalization for the Convergent Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules

Seminar | October 16 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Jon Ellman, Department of Chemistry, Yale University

 College of Chemistry

Versatile and highly functional group compatible transition metal-catalyzed annulations will be described for the rapid assembly of drug relevant nitrogen heterocycles, including Rh- and Co-catalyzed C−H bond additions to a variety of coupling partners for cascade syntheses of diverse heterocycles of particular importance to the pharmaceutical industry. The general feasibility of Co(III)-catalyzed three-component sequential C−H bond additions to two different coupling partners with high regio- and stereoselectivity will also be presented. In this context, examples of synergistic coupling of two disparate reaction partners that do not undergo C−H bond additions individually will be introduced. For key transformations, mechanistic studies will be discussed, including structural characterization of key metallacycle intermediates. The utility of the presented methods will be illustrated by short and efficient syntheses of natural products and pharmaceutical agents.

 Light refreshments will be served at 10:50 at The Coffee Lab, 510-643-0572