Cal Day 2018: Berkeley Students Respond to Syria

Panel Discussion | April 21 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Berkeley students

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

As we enter the 8th year of the war in Syria, how are UC Berkeley students engaging with this humanitarian catastrophe? This panel will discuss research opportunities on critical issues of public health and human rights, the challenges of studying and writing about Syria, and participation in student organizations and activism on campus and beyond.

- Rahma Arafa, Public Health, 4th year
- Mary Dahdouh, Law, '18
- Michael Elsanadi, Human Rights Center, 3rd year
- Jenail Mobaraka, Political Science & Students Organize for Syria, 2nd year
- Salaam Sbini, History & Students Organize for Syria, '17

Moderated by Suher Adi, CMES Student Advisory Committee, '18, 510-642-8208