Microsoft Azure University Tour

Workshop | April 11 | 4-7:15 p.m. | Memorial Stadium, Field Club

 Office of the CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Want to know where the cloud can take you? Microsoft can show you.

We’re excited to announce the Azure University Tour is coming and you’re invited! This is a free learning event for student developers, faculty, and staff where you’ll code alongside industry experts, boost your skills, and test new technology.

No matter your career path, the cloud is likely to be central to it, and the Azure University Tour is here to help you build those skills. Work side by side with top developers in the field and learn how they use the cloud for artificial intelligence, big data, and mixed reality. You’ll see the newest Azure technologies in action with a demo-rich agenda, covering a range of topics from data science to Cognitive Services, and more! The event will also feature a fantastic speaker lineup who are all at the event to teach you the skills you need to take full advantage of the cloud.

Then build on everything you learned from the demos and complete one of three hands-on challenges to design your own intelligent app using Airbnb public domain data in your city—prizes include an Xbox!

Discover your future in the cloud—register now.

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 Jen Bellenger,, 510-664-7416