Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture: The Power and Value of Minority Opinion

Lecture | March 9 | 3 p.m. | Alumni House, Toll room

 Charlan Nemeth, Professor of the Graduate School, UC Berkeley

 Department of Psychology

This talk will deal with a career long investigation of the power of minority opinions, which initially focused on how they “persuade” and subsequently on their value in stimulating thought. Witnessing dissent, our thinking becomes more open and less biased, the kind of thinking that leads to better decisions and more creative solutions.
This research, conducted over 40 years, underscores two themes: the “perils of consensus” and the “value of dissent” for their effect on the way we think about an issue. This talk coincides with the release of her new book on this topic “In defense of troublemakers...”

“Charlan Nemeth has written the definitive account of dissent and how it affects thinking. This remarkably insightful, grounded, and accessible treatment could not be more important or timely.”
—Karl E. Weick, coauthor of Managing the Unexpected