From Dada to Dystopia: A Brief Genealogy of Caribbean Engagement with the Non-Canonical

Workshop | February 22 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 4125A Dwinelle Hall

 Corine Labridy-Stofle, Francophone Studies Working Group

 Townsend Center for the Humanities

Corine Labridy-Stofle (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of French) will be presenting preliminary considerations for her intervention at an ACLA panel titled “Monsters, Gumshoes, and Problematic Faves: Race and Genre Fiction in a Global Age.”

Her talk will argue that the recent engagement of many Francophone authors and filmmakers with genre and sub-genre fiction may be a legacy of Caribbean and African poets’ choice of Surrealism as a mode of literary resistance and cultural revelation. She will use the writings of René Ménil, a lesser known figure of the Martinican intelligentsia who preceded Aimé Césaire and Frantz Fanon.

Please RSVP to Sokrat Postoli ( by noon on Monday, April 19th to receive a working version of the paper.