Shortly on the true horizon of Li ion batteries and adventures beyond Li ion batteries: Li oxygen and Li sulfur battery systems with Li metal anodes

Colloquium | February 21 | 4-6 p.m. | 180 Tan Hall

 Doron Aurbach, Bar-Ilan University

 Department of Chemical Engineering

Li ion batteries which power most of our mobile electronic devices may be considered as the most impressive success of modern electrochemistry. This energy storage & conversion technology is pushed now to the great challenge of electro-mobility, which requires high energy density, prolonged cycle-life and excellent safety features. I will review briefly the true horizon of these systems in terms of cathodes, anodes, electrolyte solutions and separators. Then I will describe our on-going research related to Li-oxygen batteries: the choice of electrolyte solutions, inevitable side reactions, the use of stationary catalysis vs. the use of red-ox mediators and their limitations, isolating the cathode side using bi-compartment cells, the control of Li-peroxide formation and following in-situ super-oxide moieties.

Finally, I will share with you data on highly stable Li-sulfur battery model systems, which include unique sulfur - carbon encapsulation cathodes and amazingly stable Li-metal anodes.

Nevertheless, I am afraid of using Li metal anodes in rechargeable batteries, since the risk is too high, as will be explained.