GFI Talk: The Future of Protein: How Your Business Will Save the World

Lecture | February 6 | 8-9 p.m. | 20 Wheeler Hall

 Aylon Steinhart, The Good Food Institute

 Food Science and Tech at Cal

Aylon Steinhart, coming from the Good Food Institute, a graduate from our very own Haas and co-founder of two start-ups, will be coming to give us insight about the issues that come with the meat industry and how plant-based meat industries are successfully finding ways around those problems. He has spoken at top campuses such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Yale about the entrepreneurial and social impact opportunities of clean and plant-based meat.
Because of the great profitability this growing industry has, there are now many open doors for students to pursue successful and impactful careers. Steinhart, with his experienced background, will give us a better understanding of how the industry works and of the resources available to people who'd like to pursue a career in this area! Attached is a flyer for the tech talk.

There will also be plenty of time for a Q&A session! So feel free to come listen and ask questions!