Ellen Pao | The Berkeley Forum and Asian Americans at Haas

Lecture | September 28 | 6 p.m. |  Haas School: Andersen Auditorium

 Ellen Pao, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the Kapor Center for Social Impact, Ellen Pao Diversity and Inclusion in Tech and Beyond

 The Berkeley Forum, Asian Americans at Haas

How can Silicon Valley culture become more diverse and inclusive? Data and stories show women, people of color and women of color are not included. Major tech companies are facing sexual harassment lawsuits, low retention rates for employees of color, charges of biased hiring and management practices, complaints about discriminatory products, and a dearth of women, people of color and especially women of color in leadership. As the need for tangible initatives and solutions has become evident, Ellen Pao will discuss her experiences with and hopes for diversity and inclusion in tech and beyond.

Ellen Pao is a leading figure in developing and advocating for strategies and solutions for making technology more accessible and equitable. As Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the Kapor Center for Social Impact and venture partner at Kapor Capital, Pao works with Kapor's portfolio companies and the tech ecosystem as they hire and grow with inclusivity and diversity in mind. Pao is also the co-founder and CEO of Project Include, an award-winning nonprofit focused on giving everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech. Working in and around Silicon Valley for almost two decades, she is former interim CEO of Reddit and a former investment partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.