The Four Treasures of Brush Painting: Plum Blossoms with Karen LeGault: With Karen LeGault

Workshop | December 3 | 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

"The stark naked beauty of winter branches are bursting with new life symbolize hope and potential."

While there are many lessons in Asian Brush Painting there are four classics of flower painting in the tradition of Chinese Brush that carry a lot of weight, with valuable instruction in brushwork to represent various plant groups. Traditionally known as the 'Four Gentleman,' this series will take a closer look at these four floral classics: Plum Blossoms, Orchids, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum.

Representing the four seasons and classes of plants, in each of four lessons we will learn the brush strokes that go into that particular subject. These brush strokes can be applied to many other subjects, plant, animal or landscape. These four brush painting classes we are offering at the Botanical Garden are introductory and suitable for a beginner. Sign up for one or all four.

The 4 Treasures of Chinese Brush Painting
Sundays 9:30am - 2pm
December 3 - Plum
January 28 - Bamboo
February 18 - Orchids
March 25 - Chrysanthemum

Artist's Statement - Karen LeGault:

I am joyfully committed to visual poetry, light, transformation and healing, through paintings that bring energy and serenity into the world. I have been teaching art for the last twenty five years, including brush painting since 1999, sharing a lifetime of exploration in drawing and painting arts with adults and children of all ages. Observant and intuitive, I meet you where you are at and encourage you to evolve beyond a momentary limitation. I recognize that you will bring your own sensibility to the techniques I present while drawing out your inner artist.

 $75, $65 members | $265, $235 members for all Four

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