Excavating a Sacred Outcropping at Northwest Saqqara: The Ramesside Tomb of Isisnofret

Lecture | March 9 | 5-6 p.m. | 254 Barrows Hall

 Nozomu Kawai, Associate Professor, Kanazawa University (Japan)

 Near Eastern Studies

A Japanese mission has been excavating at a remote rocky outcropping to the North-west of the major cemetery in Saqqara since 1991. The team has discovered several important archaeological remains at the site. In this lecture, some major highlights will be represented and the most recent work in the Ramesside tomb of Isisnofret led by Nozomu Kawai will be discussed in detail.

Nozomu Kawai studied archaeology at Waseda University in Tokyo and earned his Ph.D. in Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University in 2006. He has taught Waseda University, University of Tsukuba, and American University in Cairo. He was appointed as Associate Professor at Kanazawa University in Japan in 2016.