Swarm - Terraswarm Seminar: Moh Haghighat: Accelerating the Path to the Ambient Computing Era

Seminar | January 26 | 12:30-2 p.m. | Cory Hall, 490 Cory

 Moh Haghighat, Intel Senior Principal Engineer

 Swarm Lab/Terraswarm

We are at the early stages of the next major era of computing, the era when digital technology will become an integral part of our everyday environment, the Ambient Computing Era. Powerful pervasive computing will enable “AI first” user experiences, promoting speech and visual recognition and real-time learning over traditional input devices and screens. This talk will review the key requirements of Ambient Computing Era and the critical steps that must be taken to accelerate the transition into this new era. This includes new interoperability and discoverability capabilities among the many devices that will surround us and the importance of elevating the concept of the Internet of Things to that of the “Web of Things.”