Semiotic Circle of California

Conference/Symposium | January 21 | 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. | Faculty Club, Seaborg Room

 Department of German

University of California, Berkeley
Seaborg Room, Faculty Club

9:30 Denise Warren (UC San Diego): “The Outlaw Couple in Film Noir: Gun Crazy (Joseph H.Lewis, 1950)”

9:50 Ritwik Banerji (UC Berkeley): “Two Divergent Interpretants of Egalitarian Ethics in Musical Free Improvisation”

10:10 William Watt (UC Irvine): "Semiotic Sets & Supersets: An Assessment."

10:30 Cara Tovey (UC Berkeley); “The Authenticity of the Sign, the Success of the Performance, and the Reliability of the Filmic Image in To Be or Not to Be”

10:50 Thaddeus Martin (Modesto Junior College): “Qualisign and Sinsign in Cyborg Discourse”

11:10 Kate Carnell Watt (UC Riverside): “Lords of Misrule: Beautification as Pageant in The Hunger Games”

1:00 Robert Der (Kaiser Permanente): “Iconic Images in Cinema from the 1950s to the 1970s: An Appreciation (including: A Semiologic-Clinical Analysis of Vertigo in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo)”

1:30 Michael Fragomeni (UC Berkeley): “Iconicity and Arbitrariness in Pop Culture”

1:50 Sang Hwan Seong (Seoul National Univ. & Julia Buchholz (Free University of Berlin): “Semiotics of Behaghel’s Laws and Reinterpretation of Word Order Rules”

2:10 Lindsay Preseau (UC Berkeley): “Abduction in Multilingual Computer-Mediated Communication”

2:30 Irmengard Rauch (UC Berkeley): “The Narrative: An Ultimate Semiosis”

2:50 Alain J.-J. Cohen (UC San Diego): “Babel: Alejandro G. Iñarritu’s emotional universals in the chaos of cultures”