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INSTALLATION | Plant Fiber Enclosure : Origins

Exhibit - Sculpture


May 18 – 25, 2017 every day
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
UC Botanical Garden


Free with Garden Admission

More about this event:

“Plant Fiber Enclosure: Origins" comprises a two-semester seminar where graduate architecture students have explored methods to integrate traditional and digital craft in fiber enclosures. Students first studied fabrication techniques with plant fibers originated in primitive habitats. Such techniques, still implemented today in remote regions including the Western Amazon, can inform new frontiers in natural fiber craft when juxtaposed with emerging digital technologies. The installation presented in the exhibit consists of a fully natural fiber 3D printed and 3D woven structure inspired by the process of construction of a weaver bird nest. As such, the installation probes into the material efficiency of a pendant structure as an intertwined physical, sociocultural, and aesthetic exploration. This full-scale prototype composed of 400 woven panels has been created through an iterative process focused on exploring scalability opportunities through an integrative fabrication technique encompassing additive manufacturing with natural material waste and natural fibers for digital weaving.

Come view this installation in the Garden's Conference Center.


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