UC Berkeley Calendar Network

Campus events — lectures, workshops, performing arts, sports, exhibits — are central to the academic vitality and life at a university. Like most universities, the University of California, Berkeley has a wealth of daily events (some 3,500 events a year here at Berkeley), but had no comprehensive means of letting people know about them.

Because of this wealth of events and the vital need to share information between departments, we developed the UC Berkeley Calendar Network. It debuted December, 2006. Totally unique, this network of calendars allows campus units to selectively share publication of events with other campus calendars while, at the same time, allowing units to customize and control their calendar's content, features, look and feel.

The calendar network provides a powerful tool that fosters the interdisciplinary nature of research and education on the campus. Additionally, the network's pooling of events has made possible an extraordinarily comprehensive campuswide calendar which, in turn, helps open the doors to the public at this university. Today, you can find out what is going on at UC Berkeley.