Any member of the UC Berkeley campus community (student, staff, or faculty) may submit an event for listing in the UC Berkeley Calendar Network. Events must take place at UC Berkeley, or be sponsored by a department or recognized group at UC Berkeley.

Use this online form to submit events. When accessing the form, you will be asked for your CalNet ID and passphrase. When you fill out the event submission form, you must include a public contact phone number or email address for general information.

Events of interest primarily to students should be submitted to the Student Events calendar.

When submitting an event, you must choose a primary calendar on the network to approve and edit the event for publication. Your submission will then be routed to that calendar's organization for approval and online publication. Each organization with a calendar in the network has staff designated to administer that calendar and approve publication of events. The calendar network is not complete at this time and if you do not see a specific calendar listed on the submission form, select the "Campuswide" calendar and its staff will approve and edit your event for online publication. In addition to the primary calendar, you may recommend your event to other calendars in the network.

Usually, the Campuswide calendar will publish your event within one business day. You may edit events which you previously submitted via the online form.

Please note that your login session with the event submission form will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you are interrupted or otherwise delayed in submitting your event, you will need to log in again to re-enter your event. If you are running out of time, press the "submit" button to let the system know that you are still there. Your 30 minutes will start over and you can continue to edit the event.

You may at any time edit a previously submitted event. To flag an event as "canceled", open the section "Event Status, Audience, Image Upload & Details" and select "Canceled" from the options under "Status."