UC Berkeley Events Calendar http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html Campus-wide event listings from the University of California, Berkeley Guerra Civil at 80, thru Jul 1, 2017 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=101809&date=2017-05-22 Marking the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the exhibition <a href="http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/libraries/bancroft-library/current-exhibits">Guerra Civil @ 80</a> features selections from The Bancroft Library's Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Bay Area Post records and photographic collections, along with posters, books, pamphlets, and other ephemera. A visual and textual display of the struggle to defend the Second Spanish Republic, the exhibition documents the role of both the Republicans, who were defending the democratically elected government, and the Nationalists, the right-wing rebel forces led by General Francisco Franco. The exhibition also addresses how the war, which unfolded from 1936 to 1939, affected the lives of the people of Spain and American volunteers fighting on the front lines or assisting in the war effort, as well as how the conflict precipitated an intense creative response from within and outside Spain.<br /> <br /> A companion exhibit, INCITE THE SPIRIT: POSTER ART OF THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR will be on exhibit from September 6 - December 8, 2016 at the Townsend Center for the Humanities, 220 Stephens Hall. <a href="http://townsendcenter.berkeley.edu/events/incite-spirit">Townsend Center for the Humanities</a><br /> <br /> Please visit <a href="http://spanishcivilwar80.berkeley.edu/">spanishcivilwar80.berkeley.edu</a> to learn more about the UC Berkeley events commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=101809&date=2017-05-22 Literatura de Cordel in Moffitt Library, thru Jun 30 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=107262&date=2017-05-22 This exhibition highlights a collection of Brazilian chapbooks or Literatura<br /> de Cordel in the Moffitt Library. These chapbooks are still produced for<br /> mass consumption in the Northeastern Brazil. These are called literature de<br /> cordel as they are hung from a cord in the book-stands so that the consumers<br /> can browse them and select them according to their desires. There are<br /> several themes that are portrayed in these chap-books. A story is narrated<br /> within the cordel in a poetic form and themes can vary from religious,<br /> political, social and romantic. The curatorial team that consists of Dr.<br /> Liladhar Pendse, Aisha Hamilton and Kevin Cloud invites to visit the<br /> physical exhibit in the Moffitt Library through June 30, 2017. However for<br /> those who cannot come to the campus, we have prepared an online counterpart<br /> of this physical exhibition that can be viewed here:<br /> http://exhibits.lib.berkeley.edu/literatura-de-cordel http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=107262&date=2017-05-22 Teachers at the Center: The Story of the National Writing Project, thru Sep 1 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108657&date=2017-05-22 The National Writing Project is a professional development<br /> network for teachers of writing at all levels, from early<br /> childhood to university. Drawing from the newly available<br /> National Writing Project records and other Bancroft Library<br /> collections, this exhibition explores the history of the<br /> organization from its origins within the Graduate School of<br /> Education at UC Berkeley to its present status as a nationwide<br /> network. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108657&date=2017-05-22 Women Who Figure: An Exhibit Inspired by the Mathematicians of Hidden Figures;, thru Jun 16 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108793&date=2017-05-22 Inspired by the book and film <em>Hidden Figures</em>, this exhibit focuses on the four women at its center and other women who have made important contributions to mathematics throughout history. The exhibit includes biographies about and books by these women - from Hypatia in 5th Century Alexandria to Maryam Mirzakhani in present-day America - as well as other books about African-Americans and women in mathematics from the Mathematics Statistics Library and other campus libraries.<br /> <br /> More information is available at http://guides.lib.berkeley.edu/women-who-figure http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108793&date=2017-05-22 A Country Called Syria, thru Aug 31 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109169&date=2017-05-22 Journey through A Country Called Syria, a traveling collection that brings to life the history and heritage of Syrian culture. This unique exhibition allows its viewers to explore Syria from its ancient beginnings to the present civil war.<br /> <br /> The region that makes up the modern country of Syria is one of the oldest cradles of human civilization, and this exhibit highlights UC Berkeley's rich library collection on Syria along with the cultural artifacts we were lent. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight some of that diversity and complexity and give Syria and the Syrian a more accessible human dimension. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109169&date=2017-05-22 HST California, May 22 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109165&date=2017-05-22 This one-day symposium explores the current status and challenges ahead for High Speed Rail in California. Leaders from the California High Speed Rail Authority, academic institutions, and industry provide updates and ample opportunity for discussion and networking.<br /> <br /> The Symposium is free to student and faculty, if interested please email registrar@techtransfer.berkeley.edu http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109165&date=2017-05-22 New Favorites: Collecting in the Bancroft Tradition, thru Aug 1 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108655&date=2017-05-22 For the first time in many years The Bancroft Library presents<br /> an exhibition of recent additions to its major collections. The<br /> exhibition also includes recently rediscovered masterpieces<br /> carefully collected in years past. Gold-Rush-era memoirs<br /> and advertisements, early editions of William Langland and<br /> Jane Austen, “branded” books from 18th c. Mexico, and David Johnson’s photographs of the African American<br /> community in San Francisco after World War II are but a<br /> few of the items featured. The exhibition showcases the<br /> Bancroft curators and their distinctive collecting practices,<br /> which expand the remarkable vision of library founder<br /> Hubert Howe Bancroft—documenting California as it was<br /> happening and building a library for the American West that<br /> would rival its older European antecedents. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108655&date=2017-05-22 INSTALLATION | Plant Fiber Enclosure : Origins, May 18-25 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109154&date=2017-05-22 “Plant Fiber Enclosure: Origins" comprises a two-semester seminar where graduate architecture students have explored methods to integrate traditional and digital craft in fiber enclosures. Students first studied fabrication techniques with plant fibers originated in primitive habitats. Such techniques, still implemented today in remote regions including the Western Amazon, can inform new frontiers in natural fiber craft when juxtaposed with emerging digital technologies. The installation presented in the exhibit consists of a fully natural fiber 3D printed and 3D woven structure inspired by the process of construction of a weaver bird nest. As such, the installation probes into the material efficiency of a pendant structure as an intertwined physical, sociocultural, and aesthetic exploration. This full-scale prototype composed of 400 woven panels has been created through an iterative process focused on exploring scalability opportunities through an integrative fabrication technique encompassing additive manufacturing with natural material waste and natural fibers for digital weaving.<br /> <br /> Come view this installation in the Garden's Conference Center. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109154&date=2017-05-22 Certificate Program in Financial Planning and Analysis Online Information Session, May 22 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108196&date=2017-05-22 Find out how a certificate in financial planning and analysis from UC Berkeley Extension can prepare you for career advancement or an advanced degree. For details, visit the <a href="http://extension.berkeley.edu/public/category/courseCategoryCertificateProfile.do?method=load&certificateId=42699&selectedProgramAreaId=11463&selectedProgramStreamId=42603">Certificate Program in Financial Planning and Analysis</a>. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108196&date=2017-05-22 Oxyopia Graduate Student Seminar, May 22 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109222&date=2017-05-22 Nevin Wadie El-Nimri OD, MS, FAAO PhD Candidate<br /> <br /> Title: Effect of Topical Latanoprost on Myopia Progression in Guinea Pigs<br /> <br /> Abstract: Myopia (near-sightedness) results from progressive, excessive eye enlargement and is associated with blinding complications. It has become a significant public health concern, reaching epidemic levels in some parts of the world. The eye is like a balloon, with pressure inside the eye (IOP) exerting a stretching<br /> influence on the outer (scleral) wall of the eye and the lamina cribrosa, a sieve-like structure through which nerves relaying visual information from the eye’s seeing layer (retina) pass to the brain. The specific aim is to determine, using the guinea pig as a myopia model, whether IOP lowering drugs used in glaucoma patients can also be used to slow eye enlargement as a myopia treatment. Guinea pigs will wear white plastic diffusers over one eye, as an established method for inducing myopia, from 2 weeks of age for 3 months. The same eyes of half of the animals will be treated with IOP-lowering drugs and the others with artificial tears. Animals will undergo weekly eye examinations that include measurements of eye length, refractive error, and IOP. We hope this will lead to new treatment options for patients with progressive myopia.<br /> <br /> Patrick Carney, PhD Candidate<br /> <br /> Title: Exploring Gender's Role in Myopia Progression<br /> <br /> Abstract: Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a visual condition that causes distant objects to appear out-of-focus. Its importance, as a major public health concern, is often underestimated. In large part this owes to our ability to correct optically for refractive errors with both glasses and contact lenses. Less appreciated is the fact that myopia is one of the leading causes of acquired legal blindness worldwide, via the induction of secondary pathologies. In addition to simply inducing refractive errors, the eye of myopic patients physically enlarges, elongating axially. This axial enlargement is driven by remodeling, thinning and expansion of the sclera, which in turn, disproportionately places myopes at an elevated risk of developing secondary blinding<br /> ocular pathologies (i.e. glaucoma, maculopathies, retinal detachments, etc.). Interestingly, rates of myopia across the genders vary. Women experience the condition at higher rates and with greater severity. The condition seems to progress fastest around puberty. These observations indicate that gender dependent<br /> endocrine regulation may play a role in myopia development. We are studying this in the context of sexhormone receptor and cognate ligand synthesis in the sclera. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=109222&date=2017-05-22 CryoEM snapshots of the spliceosome at work: Insights into its Catalytic Mechanism, May 22 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108590&date=2017-05-22 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=108590&date=2017-05-22 Entrepreneurial Toastmasters Club Meeting, thru Dec 23, 2019 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=100422&date=2017-05-22 Toastmasters International has a long pedigree of excellence, teaching public speaking and leadership skills since 1924.Toastmasters has had a presence at Cal for over 50 years, producing/retaining some of UC Berkeley's most prominent Alumni, and currently has 3 on campus clubs. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=100422&date=2017-05-22 Professional Program in Graphic Design, May 22 http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=107901&date=2017-05-22 UC Berkeley Extension's Professional Program in Graphic Design offers a study of design principles and an appreciation of historical and current trends. Find out how you can learn from industry professionals to build a portfolio and advance in the field. http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/pubaff.html?event_ID=107901&date=2017-05-22