Molecular and Cell Biology Upcoming Events Physical Mechanisms of Cell Organization on Micron Length Scales, May 1 Innate-like B cells and their rules of engagement in infection, May 2 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH Deconstructing and reconstructing microbial communities using cheese, May 2 Sculpting the nervous system: Cellular and molecular mechanismsof neural circuit refinement, May 4 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH Department of Molecular and Cell Biology Annual Alumni Seminar: Structure and strategy in host-pathogen conflicts, May 5 Department of Molecular & Cell Biology Annual Alumni Seminar<br /> How do you build a functional ciliated cell?, May 8 Most of our cells grow one or more cilia at some point in their lifetime, which is essential for many major developmental morphogenetic events and adult tissue functions. Ciliary defects underlie a growing list human disorders termed ciliophathies and have been linked to diseases and conditions such as cancer, tissue fibrosis and obesity - thus, it is important to understand how we build and maintain functional ciliated cells. I focus on the multiciliated cells (MCCs) of the mammalian airway epithelium, which make hundreds of motile cilia whose directional movement clears the respiratory tract of inhaled pathogens, allergens, toxins and debris. Ciliary clearance is our first line of defense against these contaminants, and it is vital for maintaining healthy lungs. I study how the MCC fate is specified, how MCCs generate hundreds of motile cilia (since most cells are only allowed to make a solitary primary cilium), and how they orient their cilia along the tissue axis for directional airway clearance. My goal is to uncover the principles of cilium biogenesis and of ciliary number control and function, and thus bring us closer to realizing unmet tissue engineering goals and cell based, genetic or other treatment of ciliopathies. Special MCB-IB Postdoc Lunch, May 12 Understanding and overcoming drug resistance in cancer, May 16 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH Genetically encoded tools for manipulation of metabolism in living cells, May 16 Cytotoxic T lymphocyte lytic synapses in human health and disease, May 22 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH CryoEM snapshots of the spliceosome at work: Insights into its Catalytic Mechanism, May 22 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH Interferon-inducible GTPases in host resistance and inflammation, May 23 This seminar is partially sponsored by NIH