College of Natural Resources Upcoming Events One Year of Community Engagement in Food Systems, May 2 Community leaders and undergraduate students involved with ESPM 197 - Community Engagement in Food Systems this past year will gather to discuss their projects and ways forward for the Food Systems minor. Students will reflect on how their your community engagement projects have changed their understanding of food systems, while community organizers will provide insight into how have students contributed to the mission of their organizations, and what kinds of collaboration would be most beneficial in the future? This event is open to the public, especially students and community members interested in learning more about the Food Systems Minor. BFI Research Showcase, May 3 This event is free and open to the public. Registration recommended. <a href="">Register here.</a><br /> <br /> In 2015, the Berkeley Food Institute provided seed funding to six multi-disciplinary and innovative research projects in food and agriculture. On May 3, our grantees will be sharing the results of their research with the Berkeley community. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from UC Berkeley's experts from various fields, and to participate in the Q&A session following each grantee's presentation. <br /> <br /> Abstracts on each project can be found on <a href="">our website</a>, and project titles and principal investigators are below:<br /> <br /> <b>Home and Harvest: A Participatory Approach to Improving Food Security among Formerly Homeless Youth in Permanent Supportive Housing</b><br /> <i>Principal Investigators: Colette Auerswald and Emily Ozer (Public Health)</i><br /> <br /> <b>Engaging Indigenous Farmworkers in Promoting Occupational Health and Safety</b><br /> <i>Principal Investigators: John Balmes (Public Health) and Suzanne Teran (Labor Occupational Health Program)</i><br /> <br /> <b>Making the Business Case for Improved Farm Labor Conditions</b><br /> <i>Principal Investigators: Christy Getz (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management/Cooperative Extension), Ron Strochlic (UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Nutrition Policy Institute), and Maria Echaveste (UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies)</i><br /> <br /> <b>Exploring Millets to Diversify Cereal Options in Our Diet and the Environment</b><br /> <i>Principal Investigators and UC Berkeley Team: Peggy Lemaux (Plant and Microbial Biology), Amrita Hazra (Post-doc, Plant and Microbial Biology), Patricia Bubner (Post-doc, Energy Biosciences Institute), Sarah Hake (Plant and Microbial Biology/USDA Plant Gene Expression Center), and Gavin Abreu (Graduate Student, Haas School of Business)</i><br /> <br /> <b>The Berkeley Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Evaluating the Impact</b><br /> <i>Principal Investigators: Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Kristine Madsen, and Lori Dorfman (Public Health), Jennifer Falbe (Post-doc, Public Health), Pamela Mejia and Laura Nixon (Berkeley Media Studies Group), and Patricia Crawford (UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Nutrition Policy Institute)</i><br /> <br /> <b>Mapping Agro-Biodiversity Hotspots and Cultural Foods in the Urban Food Desert: Fostering Community Food Security, Biocultural Diversity, and Health</b><br /> <i>Principal Investigators: Jennifer Sowerwine and Maggi Kelly (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management/Cooperative Extension), Rob Bennaton (Cooperative Extension), Thomas Carlson (Integrative Biology), Andrew Doran (University and Jepson Herbaria), and Brent Mishler (University and Jepson Herbaria/Integrative Biology)</i><br /> <br /> <b>Join us at 8:45am for a light breakfast preceding the presentations, which will begin at 9am sharp.</b><br /> <br /> *** Actomyosin mediated tension and uncoupled respiration in adipose tissue, May 3 Finding Research Funding, May 4 This workshop will describe the mechanisms that federal agencies and private foundations use to fund research and teach methods for finding opportunities to apply for. Katy Seto Finishing Talk, May 4 ARE Seminar: Manisha Shah, May 5 Manisha Shah is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. She is also a Faculty Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Faculty Affiliate at UC Berkeley’s Center for Effective Global Action, and a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor. She received her Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics from UC Berkeley.<br /> <br /> Shah is a development economist whose primary research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of applied microeconomics, health, and development. She has written several papers on the economics of sex markets in order to learn how more effective policies and programs can be deployed to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Chemical Approaches to Metabolic and Mitochondrial Diseases, May 10 Scientific Writing, May 11 Clear writing is a valuable skill for all researchers, and it can positively influence the impact of your science. This workshop will help you write about your research more clearly and effectively.