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Sunday, March 11, 2018

SLAM: How to lead effectively: Skills for managing scientists

Seminar | March 11 | 9 a.m.-4 p.m. | 775 Tan Hall

 Dr. Anna Goldstein, Harvard University; Dr. Ben Thuronyi, Harvard University

 QB3 - California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

This full-day workshop will focus on the critical interpersonal aspects of leading a group of scientists, integrating techniques for communication, feedback, conflict resolution, and negotiation. It’s designed to complement the SLAM seminar series by providing highly interactive, participatory experiences. You’ll get hands-on practice with the relationship skills that are key to being a great...   More >

SOGA Open Hours

Tour/Open House | January 28 – May 13, 2018 every Sunday | 10 a.m.-12 p.m. |  Garden Location: on the corner of Walnut St. and Virginia St. in north Berkeley, CA

 Campus Gardens

SOGA is an educational space designed for the community to share knowledge about organic urban agriculture and self-sufficiency in the food system. This type of experiential learning takes place during open volunteer hours, workshops, and DeCals (student-led courses at UCB). The garden, located on UC Berkeley property, is managed by undergraduate students and funded primarily through grants from...   More >

Gill Tract Open Hours

Tour/Open House | March 11 | 12-5 p.m. |  UC Gill Tract Community Farm

 1050 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

 Berkeley Food Institute

The UC Gill Tract Community Farm is open to the public every Sunday - Thursday. Everyone is welcome! Please enter through the gate on Jackson St or the gate at San Pablo and Marin, during open hours:

Sunday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Monday 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tuesday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Thursday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00 pm

Baseball vs. Brown

Sport - Intercollegiate - Baseball/Softball | March 11 | 1:05 p.m. |  Evans Field

 Cal Bears Intercollegiate Sports

Cal Baseball hosts Brown at Evans Diamond.

Docent-led tour

Tour/Open House | January 6, 2017 – December 30, 2018 every Sunday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday with exceptions | 1:30-2:45 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Join us for a free, docent-led tour of the Garden as we explore interesting plant species, learn about the vast collection, and see what is currently in bloom. Meet at the Entry Plaza.

Free with Garden admission
Advanced registration not required

Tours may be cancelled without notice.
For day-of inquiries, please call 510-643-2755
For tour questions, please email gardentours@berkeley.edu...   More >

Film: Hearts and Minds

Film - Documentary | March 11 | 2 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

This Academy Award–winning documentary “holds a mirror up to our national conscience” (Judith Crist), revealing the effects of the Vietnam War on both North and South Vietnamese as well as Americans at home. With Carolee Schneemann’s short Viet-Flakes.

Wu Man and the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band

Performing Arts - Music | March 11 | 3-5 p.m. |  Hertz Concert Hall

 Cal Performances

Pipa virtuoso Wu Man immerses herself in the folk music of a small village in China’s Shaanxi Province. The Huayin Shadow Puppet Band (as seen in the feature-length documentary film about the Silk Road Ensemble, The Music of Strangers) performs lively stories of life in rural China, with shadow puppets, lutes, fiddles, wooden clappers, and gongs

$42 prices subject to change

  Buy tickets online or by calling 510-642-9988, or by emailing tickets@calperformances.org

Film: Beuys

Film - Feature | March 11 | 4:30 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

This new documentary explores the life and work of avant-garde sculptor, painter, performance artist, and social activist Joseph Beuys, chronicling his art and ideas about media, community, and capitalism in an intimate way.

Film: The African Who Wanted to Fly

Film - Feature | March 11 | 7 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

This sweet-natured documentary showcases the remarkable life of a man who journeyed from a small Gabonese village to China to study martial arts, and eventually star in kung fu films. With Nora Chipaumire’s Afrofuturist short Afro Promo #1 (Kinglady).

Monday, March 12, 2018

Lessons from the Black Panther Party's Oakland Community School

Workshop | March 12 | 2407 Dwinelle Hall

 UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project

Join UCBHSSP for a day of content learning and planning! Angela LeBlanc-Ernest, a scholar of the Black Panther Party, will share her research, which is part of a documentary she is developing on the Party's Oakland Community School. She will also introduce teachers to the Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project, which highlights the experience of women in the Black Panther Party.

Beyond New Neurons: The Secretory Role of Adult Hippocampal Stem and Progenitor Cells

Seminar | March 12 | 9-10:30 a.m. | 445 Li Ka Shing Center

 Dr. Liz Kirby, Assistant Professor at OSU

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

In the adult mammalian hippocampus, resident neural stem and progenitor cells give rise to new, highly plastic neurons. A great deal of research has focused on the role of these new neurons in supporting hippocampal memory function and injury response. However, our recent work shows that undifferentiated neural stem and progenitor cells also have functional relevance by secreting soluble...   More >

The Political Economy and Legal Aspects of Trade Policy in the Trump Era

Conference/Symposium | March 12 | 9 a.m.-4 p.m. | The Law Building, Warren Room 295

 UC Berkeley School of Law, The Berkeley APEC Study Center, The Institute of East Asian Studies, Miller Center for Global Challenges and the Law, The Clausen Center for International Business and Policy

With the Brexit referendum, election of Donald Trump, and the continued stasis at the World Trade Organization (WTO), the liberal, rules-based trading order is facing considerable pressure for business and policymakers. These pressures come from structural economic forces, systemic changes in geopolitics, domestic political conflicts in the US and elsewhere, and a rethinking of the ideological...   More >

Combinatorics Seminar: A crystal-like structure on shifted tableaux

Seminar | March 12 | 12-1 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Maria Monks Gillespie, UC Davis

 Department of Mathematics

We establish a crystal-like structure on shifted tableaux, whose characters are the Schur $Q$-functions. In particular, we will define two sets of coplactic raising and lowering operators $E$, $F$, $E'$, and $F'$ on shifted tableaux that each independently give a type A Kashiwara crystal. Taken together, these operators detect highest weight skew shifted tableaux, giving a new shifted...   More >

​Graduate Students Talk

Seminar | March 12 | 12-1 p.m. | 489 Minor Hall

 Nevin El Nimri; Patrick Carney

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Certificate Program in Human Resource Management Online Information Session

Information Session | March 12 | 12-1 p.m. |  Online

 UC Berkeley Extension

Discover how this certificate, approved by the Human Resource Certification Institute, can help you make the most of growing opportunities in human resource management.

  Register online

Comparative Neurobiology of Social Bonds - from Rodents to Primates to Humans

Colloquium | March 12 | 12:10-1:10 p.m. | 3105 Tolman Hall

 Karen Bales, Department of Psychology, UC Davis

 Department of Psychology

Social bonds are critical to human health and well-being. However, most of what we know regarding the neurobiology of strong, selective social bonds ("pair-bonds") comes from a socially monogamous rodent, the prairie vole. In my laboratory, we also study a socially monogamous primate, the titi monkey, as a model for the neurobiology of pair bond formation and maintenance. We have characterized...   More >

PMB Student/Postdoc Seminar: Leveraging Social Media for Science Communication and Professional Development

Seminar | March 12 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 338 Koshland Hall

 Sara ElShafie, Grad student, IB; Aaron Pomerantz, Grad student, IB

 Plant and Microbial Biology Student Group

What is the most effective way to use social media to share your scientific work with the public? How can you use social media to network and find professional opportunities? This workshop will explore how you can use social media to advance your career and heighten the impact of your work.

The Plant and Microbial Biology Student Group (PMBG) hosts a special Student Postdoc Seminar on social...   More >

The fabric of the neocortex: a less-artificial intelligence

Seminar | March 12 | 1-2 p.m. | 101 Life Sciences Addition

 **Andreas Tolias**, Baylor College of Medicine

 Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Probabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar: Standard invariants for discrete subfactors

Seminar | March 12 | 2-3:50 p.m. | 736 Evans Hall

 Dave Penneys, Ohio State University

 Department of Mathematics

The standard invariant of a finite index $II_1$ subfactor is a λ-lattice and forms a planar algebra. In turn, the planar algebra formalism has been helpful in constructing and classifying subfactors, as well as studying analytic properties. In joint work with Corey Jones, we give a well-behaved notion of the standard invariant of an extremal irreducible discrete subfactor $N\subset M$, where $N$...   More >

Seminar 231, Public Finance: Special Seminar: How Did Tax Reform Happen?

Seminar | March 12 | 2-4 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance

David Kamin / Ed Kleinbard / Alan Auerbach

Differential Geometry Seminar: New examples of complete Calabi-Yau metrics on \(ℂ^n\) for \(n \geq 3\)

Seminar | March 12 | 2:10-3 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Ronan Conlon, Florida International University

 Department of Mathematics

I will present new examples of non-flat complete Calabi-Yau metrics on \(ℂ^n\) for \(n \geq 3\) having Euclidean volume growth and a tangent cone at infinity with a singular cross section. This is joint work with Frédéric Rochon (UQAM).

STROBE Seminar Series: Strategies for Effective Mentoring

Seminar | March 12 | 3-4 p.m. | 433 Latimer Hall

 College of Chemistry

The purpose of this workshop is to assist graduate students and other STROBE participants in working effectively within the context of mentoring relationships with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. Participants will learn about the importance of mentoring both to mentors and mentees, how to initiate mentoring relationships and keep them on track, and how to address
problems that...   More >

BLISS Seminar: Robust Storage of Information in DNA Molecules

Seminar | March 12 | 3-4 p.m. | 540 Cory Hall

 Reinhard Heckel, Rice University

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Due to its longevity and enormous information density, DNA is an attractive medium for archival storage of digital information. In this talk, we discuss algorithmic and design aspects of DNA data storage systems. A key distinctive aspect of DNA data storage systems is that due to technological constraints, (1) data is written onto many short DNA molecules that are stored in an unordered way and...   More >

Core Cognitive Mechanisms in Learning and Development

Colloquium | March 12 | 3-4:30 p.m. | 5101 Tolman Hall

 Celeste Kidd, Assistant Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

The talk will discuss approaches aimed at understanding the computational mechanisms that drive learning and development in young children. Although infants are born knowing little about the world, they possess remarkable learning mechanisms that eventually create sophisticated systems of knowledge. We discuss recent empirical findings about learners’ cognitive mechanisms—including attention,...   More >

Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner | Claiming the State: Active Citizenship and Social Welfare in Rural India

Lecture | March 12 | 3-4:30 p.m. | 119 Moses Hall

 Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner, University of Virginia

 Institute of International Studies, Institute for South Asia Studies

Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner will discuss her book, Active Citizenship: Claim-Making and the Pursuit of Social Welfare in Rural India. This book explores the everyday practices through which poor citizens of the world’s largest democracy make claims on the state for social welfare. Drawing on an original survey of 2210 households as well as 500 in-depth interviews in 105 villages of Rajasthan, she...   More >

Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory RTG Seminar: $2^k$-Selmer groups, $2^k$-class groups, and Goldfeld's conjecture

Seminar | March 12 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 748 Evans Hall

 Alexander Smith, Harvard University

 Department of Mathematics

Take $E/\mathbb Q$ to be an elliptic curve with full rational 2-torsion (satisfying some extra technical assumptions). In this talk, we will show that $100\%$ of the quadratic twists of $E$ have rank less than two, thus proving that the BSD conjecture implies Goldfeld's conjecture in these families. To do this, we will extend Kane's distributional results on the 2-Selmer groups in these families...   More >

Analysis and PDE Seminar: Honeycomb Structures, Edge States, and the Strong Binding Regime

Seminar | March 12 | 4-5 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Michael Weinstein, Columbia University and Stanford University

 Department of Mathematics

We review recent progress on the propagation of waves for the 2D Schrödinger and Maxwell equations for media with the symmetry of a hexagonal tiling of the plane.

2018 Citrin Lecture: In Defense of Knowledge

Lecture | March 12 | 4-5:30 p.m. | Sutardja Dai Hall, 310 Banatao Auditorium

 Donald R. Kinder, University of Michigan

 Citrin Center at the Institute of Government Studies

Donald R. Kinder is the Philip E. Converse Collegiate Professor in the Department of Political Science and research professor in the Center for Political Studies of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. He is the author of many books, including most recently Neither Liberal nor Conservative: Ideological Innocence in the American Public, written with Nathan P. Kalmoe.

The impact of biology on genome editing

Seminar | March 12 | 4-5 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Dana Carroll, The University of Utah

 College of Chemistry

Political Economy Seminar

Seminar | March 12 | 4-5:30 p.m. | Evans Hall, Evans Hall 648

 Ben Olken, MIT

 Department of Economics

The Political Economy Seminar focuses on formal and quantitative work in the political economy field, including formal political theory.

Millard Sheets and Home Savings: Mid-Century Modern Architecture for Corporate and Urban Identity

Lecture | March 12 | 4-6 p.m. | 3335 Dwinelle Hall

 Adam Arenson, Associate Professor of History, Manhattan College

 Department of History

Adam Arenson will discuss his latest book, Banking on Beauty: Millard Sheets and Midcentury Commercial Architecture in California (University of Texas Press).

Basic Needs Security Mental Health Workshop

Workshop | March 12 | 5-6:30 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Stiles Hall Conference Room (basement)

 Tova Feldmanstern, Counseling & Psychological Services

 UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Committee

The student mental health workshop will be hosted by Tova Feldmanstern, a Staff Social Worker from Counseling & Psychological Services, who will be giving a brief presentation about mental health information and basic needs resources. Then a student panel will be sharing their personal experiences, with time at the end for questions. This will be followed by a community building space for...   More >

Are Atheists Tolerable? American Nonbelievers and Irreligious Freedom

Lecture | March 12 | 5-7 p.m. | Stephens Hall, Geballe Room, 220 Stephens Hall

 Leigh Eric Schmidt, Edward C. Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor in the Humanities, Washington University in St. Louis

 Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion

Leigh Eric Schmidt is the Edward C. Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor in the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis. He joined Washington’s John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics in 2011.


The Italian ‘Commercial Revolution’: An Archaeological Reading?: A talk by Chris Wickham, March 12th 2018

Lecture | March 12 | 5 p.m. |  Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union

 Chris Wickham, Oxford University

 Medieval Studies Program

“The Italian ‘Commercial Revolution’: An Archaeological Reading?”

Chris Wickham, Chichele Professor of Medieval History emeritus at Oxford University and Fellow of All Souls College

12 March 2018
5:00 pm in Pauley Ballroom East, MLK Center.

A talk by Marc Redfield: Shibboleth: From Judges to Celan and Derrida

Lecture | March 12 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 300 Wheeler Hall

 Marc Redfield, Professor, Brown University

 Department of English, 18th Century and Romanticism Colloquium

Swahili Weekly Social Hour

Social Event | January 22 – April 30, 2018 every Monday with exceptions | 5:30-6:30 p.m. |  Jupiter

 2181 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

 Center for African Studies

Speak Swahili with your fellow Swahili students and enthusiasts over a drink at Jupiter (check for location updates). This is an informal gathering to connect with other Swahili speakers on campus and in Berkeley. Each person will support their own beverage purchases (water, soda, coffee, tea, beer, etc.), but we will provide the good company! And of course, Swahili speaking only! All skill and...   More >

David Kurs at the Berkeley Forum

Lecture | March 12 | 6-7:30 p.m. | 220 Cheit Hall

 David Kurs, Deaf West Theatre

 The Berkeley Forum

From its founding in 1991 to today, Deaf West Theatre has aimed to improve and enrich the cultural lives of deaf and hard of hearing individuals who live in the Los Angeles area. One of the premier sign language theater in the United States, DWT works to set the standard for high-quality, inclusive theatrical experiences for deaf and hearing audiences. Kurs will discuss how DWT productions...   More >


  Buy tickets online

UROC DeCal – Demystifying the Research Process: Decolonizing Methods in Academic Research (Hosted by UROC: Undergraduate Researchers of Color)

Course | January 29 – April 30, 2018 every Monday with exceptions | 6-8 p.m. | 174 Barrows Hall

 Istifaa Ahmed, UROOC

 Office of Undergraduate Research

Ethnic Studies 98/198
Class Time: Mondays, 6pm-8pm, 1/22/18 - 4/30/18
Course Control Number (CCN): 24251

Units: 1-3 units

Student Instructor: Istifaa Ahmed

Welcome to our student-led organization and DeCal, Underrepresented Researchers of Color (UROC) – Demystifying the Research Process: Decolonizing Methods in Academic Research! We seek to build a community of researchers of color...   More >

The Honorable J. Clifford Wallace Lecture Series: the Ups and Downs of Religious Freedom

Panel Discussion | March 12 | 6:30-8 p.m. | The Law Building, Room 295, Warren Room

 Michael W. McConnell, Richard and Frances Mallery Professor of Law Director, Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School

 Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law at University of California, Berkeley

 Jesse Choper, Earl Warren Professor of Public Law (Emeritus) at University of California, Berkeley

 Frederick Gedicks, Guy Anderson Chair and Professor of Law at Brigham Young University

 Stephen Sugarman, Roger J. Traynor Professor at University of California, Berkeley

 Berkeley Law, BYU Law

Monday, March 12, 2018
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Warren Room 295, Berkeley Law


Organization of African Students at Berkeley

Meeting | March 12 | 6:30-7:30 p.m. | 2070 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Organization of African Students

Let's talk about Democracy in Africa!

Judith Butler and Zeynep Gambetti in conversation on Public Happiness

Lecture | March 12 | 6:30-8 p.m. |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot Professor, Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley; Zeynep Gambetti, Political Theory, Boğazici University

 Arts + Design

Join UC Berkeley Professor Judith Butler as she talks with Turkish political philosopher Zeynep Gambetti on the idea of public happiness in the wake of public resistance, using the 2013 Gezi Park protests in Istanbul as a springboard.

Judith Butler is a Maxine Elliot Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. Her work has been influential...   More >

Planet Vision: Why we first need to build a shared, positive vision of the future to address our environmental challenges

Lecture | March 12 | 7-8:30 p.m. |  Anna Head Alumnae Hall (2537 Haste St.)

 Dr. Jonathan Foley, California Academy of Sciences

 College of Natural Resources

A world-renowned scientist, Dr. Foley's work focuses on the sustainability of our planet and the ecosystems and natural resources we depend on. Throughout his career, he has made major contributions to our understanding of worldwide changes in ecosystems, land use and climate, and global food security.

Annette Yoshiko Reed: Forgetting: the Jewish Past between Rupture and Renewal

Lecture | March 12 | 7 p.m. |  Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (2121 Allston Way)

 Annette Yoshiko Reed, Professor, New York University

 Herman P. and Sophia Taubman Chair in Jewish Studies, GTU Center for Jewish Studies, Lehrhaus Judaica, Jewish Studies Program at UC Davis, Taube Center for Jewish Studies at Stanford University

2018 Taubman Lecture Series

Lecture 1: Monday, March 12, 7 pm: What Was Lost with the Dead Sea Scrolls

  RSVP online

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Princess and the Prayer Scroll.: A talk by Leslie Brubaker

Lecture | March 13 | 308A Doe Library

 Leslie Brubaker, University of Birmingham

 Medieval Studies Program

"The Princess and the Prayer Scroll."

Leslie Brubaker, Professor of Byzantine Art emerita & Director of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham.

13 March 2018
5:00 pm in Doe Library 308A

Mentorship in Science: Interview with Jing Chen, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Seminar | March 13 | 9-9:30 a.m. | Barrows Hall, Radio broadcast, ON-AIR ONLY, 90.7 FM

 Jing Chen, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology; Andrew Saintsing, Department of Integrative Biology

 KALX 90.7 FM

Tune in for another exciting episode of The Graduates as we speak with Jing Chen. Jing is a PhD candidate in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology studying the regulation of proteins involved in cell division. She is specifically interested in how these proteins ensure that parents are able to pass on their genetic material to offspring during sexual reproduction. In the interview, Jing...   More >

Jing Chen

Science and Literacy Playgroup

Meeting | October 31, 2017 – May 15, 2018 every Tuesday with exceptions | 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. |  Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA)

 1255 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94702

 Chancellor's Community Grant, Trybe Inc.

Have fun and meet other families in West and South Berkeley.
For Children ages 05 and their caregivers.
Free, drop-in, snacks, circle time, arts and crafts and science activities.

Robert G. Bergman Lecture: What is a transition state, and why should I care?

Seminar | March 13 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Prof. Barry Carpenter, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

 College of Chemistry

Since the early days of the development of Transition State Theory, there have been two descriptions of what a transition state (TS) is. The one that most chemists use identifies the TS with a saddle point on the potential energy surface (PES). The other is that it is a dividing surface (DS) in phase space, which reactive trajectories cross only once on their transit from reactant to product....   More >

Food Systems Policy and Communications Workshop Series 2017–18: Session 4: Using Social Media for Influencer Engagment

Workshop | March 13 | 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. | 112 Hilgard Hall

 Haven Bourque, Founder, HavenBMedia

 Berkeley Food Institute

Session 4: Using Social Media for Influencer Engagement

Overview of the role of social media in the social and environmental justice movements and a training on how experts can amplify their work and engage with news cycle topics, reporters, and outlets via social media.

Featuring: Haven Bourque, HavenBMedia

 Free. RSVP online

Certificate Program in Leadership and Management Online Information Session

Information Session | March 13 | 12-1 p.m. |  Online

 UC Berkeley Extension

Find out how this certificate can help you build the essential skills for effective management and make a tangible difference in your career.

  Register online

Gift of Life: Bone Marrow Registry

Information Session | March 13 | 12-2 p.m. |  Sproul Hall

 Rebecca Golbari, Campus Ambassador, Gift of Life; Kendyl Naugl, Campus Ambassador, Gift of lIFE

 Gift of Life - Russell Lowe

Gift of Life is an International bone marrow registry. As Campus Ambassadors, we are responsible to encourage people to enter the bone marrow registry to be potential donors and save lives. We do that by having people fill out a few quick questions and then be swabbed if they so choose.

UK-Scottish Relations After Brexit

Lecture | March 13 | 12-1 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Allan Little

 Institute of European Studies

Allan Little, a former BBC correspondent, will examine how Brexit might impact the relationship between Scotland and the UK government.

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Meeting | February 20, 2018 – January 5, 2021 every Tuesday | 12:15-1 p.m. | 3110 Tang Center, University Health Services

 Tang Center (University Health Services)

The Mindfulness Meditation Group meets every Tuesday at 12:15-1:00 pm at 3110 Tang Center on campus. All campus-affiliated people are welcome to join us on a drop-in basis, no registration or meditation experience necessary. We start with a short reading on meditation practice, followed by 30 minutes of silent sitting, and end with a brief discussion period.

MVZ LUNCH SEMINAR - Rayna Bell: Bridges, rafts, and phenotypic diversification in the Gulf of Guinea archipelago

Seminar | March 13 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | Valley Life Sciences Building, 3101 VLSB, Grinnell-Miller Library

 Rayna Bell (MVZ/IB Faculty Candidate)

 Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

MVZ/IB Faculty Search. 12:30 - 1:30 pm in the Grinnell-Miller Library. Enter through the MVZ's Main Office, 3101 Valley Life Sciences Building, and please let the receptionist know you are there for the seminar. The library is located in the rear of the Museum on the north side - follow the orange directional signs.

A Theory of Land and Electoral Violence: Evidence from Kenya

Colloquium | March 13 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Kathleen Klaus, Visiting Assistant Professor, Welsleyan University, Department of Government

 Center for African Studies

This talk presents the main theoretical chapter from my book manuscript, Claiming Land: Institutions, Narratives, and Political Violence in Kenya. The book examines an enduring puzzle in the study of electoral violence: How do elites organize violence and more so, why do ordinary citizens participate? Existing theories emphasize weak state institutions, ethnic cleavages, and the calculations of...   More >

Kathleen Klaus

Development Lunch: "Behavioral and market determinants of household energy efficiency in a development context"

Seminar | March 13 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Susanna Berkouwer

 Department of Economics

Impacts of Public Preschool on Income, Health and Inequality: A Life Course Model

Colloquium | March 13 | 12:40-2 p.m. | 104 Genetics & Plant Biology Building

 Richard Cookson, PhD, Professor, University of York

 Public Health, School of

We develop a novel general population microsimulation model of the causal pathways linking early life circumstances and skills formation to diverse later life outcomes, based on quasi-experimental evidence and recent longitudinal UK survey data (Millennium Cohort Study 2000-14, Understanding Society 2011 and 2016). We illustrate how it can evaluate the long-run costs, benefits and inequality...   More >

3-Manifold Seminar: Tait colorings and instanton homology (continued)

Seminar | March 13 | 12:40-2 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Ian Agol, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We'll continue to discuss the construction of the J# invariants of 3-dimensional webs and 4-dimensional foam cobordisms by Kronheimer-Mrowka.

How to Prepare Human Subjects Protocols for Your Research Projects

Workshop | March 13 | 1-2:30 p.m. | 14 Durant Hall

 Jeffrey Vance Martin, SURF Social Science and Humanities Advisor, OURS

 Office of Undergraduate Research

If you need to learn how to prepare human subjects protocols for a research project, you may want to attend one of these workshops given by the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships (OURS). Note that they are timed to be very shortly after SURF and Haas Scholars human subjects selection, respectively.

We will go through, step by step, the things...   More >

Tripodi Workshop with Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro: Research Design to Empirically Operationalize Intersectionality

Workshop | March 13 | 1:30-3:30 p.m. | Haviland Hall, Haviland Commons

 Social Welfare, School of

Empirical approaches to intersectionality traditionally attempt to shoehorn intersectionality as a “testable explanation” into standard positivistic methodologies. But is this the most appropriate way to incorporate intersectionality? Using fs(QCA), Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro illustrates an alternative approach to empirically operationalizing intersectionality as a research paradigm instead of...   More >

Seminar 218, Psychology and Economics: "Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In"

Seminar | March 13 | 2-3:30 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Christine Exley, Harvard Business School

 Department of Economics

Seminar 237/281, Macro/International Seminar: Topic Forthcoming

Seminar | March 13 | 2-3:30 p.m. | 597 Evans Hall

 Arnaud Costinot, MIT

 Department of Economics

ISF 110 - Free Speech in the Public Sphere: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Course | January 16 – May 3, 2018 every Tuesday & Thursday | 2-3:30 p.m. | 102 Wurster Hall

 Division of Undergraduate Education

In this spring 2018 class, we shall take up the nature of public speech from Socrates' public dissent to social media messaging today. The course reading will combine classic philosophical statements about the value of free, subversive and offensive speech; histories of the emergence of public spheres; and sociologies of technologically-mediated speech today.

Bay Area Microlocal Analysis Seminar: Control and stabilization on hyperbolic surfaces

Seminar | March 13 | 2:10-3 p.m. | 732 Evans Hall

 Long Jin, Purdue University

 Department of Mathematics

In this talk, we discuss some recent results concerning the control and stabilization on a compact hyperbolic surface. In particular, we show that

the Laplace eigenfunctions have uniform lower bounds on any nonempty open set;

the linear Schrödinger equation is exactly controllable by any nonempty open set; and

the energy of solutions to the linear damped wave equation with regular...   More >

Social Impact Career Fair

Career Fair | March 13 | 3-7 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Pauley Ballroom

 Career Center

Sponsored by the Career Center, come join us for the 3rd Annual Social Impact Career Fair!

Recruiters will bring information about their entry-level career, fellowship and internship positions that provide you an opportunity to have a meaningful, positive impact on the world. Recruiting all majors and degree levels!

► We expect 50+ employers representing:
• Non-profit
• Public...   More >

 This fair is open only to current enrolled UC Berkeley students and alumni who are registered for the Career Center's Alumni Advantage program (https://career.berkeley.edu/Alumni/AlumniAdv). Be sure to bring your UC Berkeley Student ID.

i4Y Child Marriage and Youth Empowerment Group Speaker Series:Adolescent Development in the US and Implications for Child Marriage

Seminar | March 13 | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | 198 University Hall

 Julianna Deardorff, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

 Innovations for Youth (i4Y)

Title: Adolescent Development in the US and Implications for Child Marriage

Abstract: Advocacy efforts around child marriage are commonly centered outside of the United States. However, findings from U.S.-based research may have important implications for more effectively tackling child marriage, both domestically and globally. This talk focuses on three areas of research that are largely...   More >

How to Prepare Human Subjects Protocols for Your Research Projects

Workshop | March 13 | 3:30-5 p.m. | 1229 Dwinelle Hall

 Leah Carroll, Haas Scholars Program Manager/Advisor, OURS

 Office of Undergraduate Research

If you need to learn how to prepare human subjects protocols for a research project, you may want to attend one of these workshops given by the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships (OURS). Note that they are timed to be very shortly after SURF and Haas Scholars human subjects selection, respectively.

We will go through, step by step, the things...   More >

Semiconducting Polymer Dots and Single-Molecule Studies of Synaptic Vesicles

Seminar | March 13 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Daniel Chiu, Department of Chemistry, University of Washington

 College of Chemistry

Synaptic vesicle plays a central role in neurotransmission. It is also perhaps the smallest organelle present in the cell, with a diameter of ~40nm, which makes it amendable to high-resolution single-particle and single-molecule studies. This talk will describe some of the surprising findings we made over the years about synaptic vesicles. Because single-molecule experiments depend critically on...   More >

Design Field Notes: Kal Spelletich

Seminar | March 13 | 4-5 p.m. | 220 Jacobs Hall

 Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

Kal Spelleitch, an artist who uses technology to put people back in touch with real-life experiences, will speak at Jacobs Hall.

Regulating the Human Supply Chain

Lecture | March 13 | 4-6 p.m. | 2521 Channing Way (Inst. for Res. on Labor & Employment), IRLE Director's Room

 Jennifer Gordon, Professor of Law, Fordham University

 Irene Bloemraad, Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley; Chris Zepeda-Millan, Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

 Institute of Research on Labor & Employment, Department of Ethnic Studies, Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative

It’s no secret that recruiting guest workers can be a shady business. Often, the fraud and extortion that guest workers face are blamed on a few bad apple recruiters, who are targeted by criminal regulation that almost never works. But the problems are bigger than bad apples. Structural forces encourage abuse, from the subcontracting common in guest worker recruitment schemes to cost pressures...   More >

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Tripodi Lecture with Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro: Understanding Asylum Intersectionally: The Case for Domestic Violence as a Transnational Health Issue

Lecture | March 13 | 4-5:30 p.m. | Haviland Hall, Haviland Commons

 Social Welfare, School of

Comparatively few intersectional studies attempt to incorporate the principles of intersectionality into their research design and data analysis protocols. This project tests a specific design and data analysis strategy to consider domestic violence’s transnational impact on asylum requests in the United States.

Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, PhD
Professor and Chair, Gender Studies
Professor,...   More >

Bay Area Microlocal Analysis Seminar: Deformation of constant curvature conical metrics

Seminar | March 13 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 740 Evans Hall

 Xuwen Zhu, Stanford

 Department of Mathematics

In this joint work with Rafe Mazzeo, we aim to understand the deformation theory of constant curvature metrics with prescribed conical singularities on a compact Riemann surface. We construct a resolution of the configuration space, and prove a new regularity result that the family of such conical metrics has a nice compactification as the cone points coalesce. This is a key ingredient of...   More >

A talk by Michelle Karnes: Telling Stories about Medieval Marvels

Lecture | March 13 | 5-7 p.m. | 330 Wheeler Hall

 Michelle Karnes, Associate Professor, Notre Dame Department of English

 Department of English, Medieval and Early Modern Coloquium

The Global Backlash Against Human Rights: with Andrew Gilmore, UN Asst. Sec. Gen. for Human Rights

Lecture | March 13 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 110 The Law Building

 Andrew Gilmour, United Nations

 Human Rights Center, International and Area Studies (IAS)

Andrew Gilmour of the United Kingdom is the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights heading OHCHR’s Office in New York. He will discuss global trends against human rights with specific comment on the plight of the Rohingya (he is newly returned from Cox’s Bazar), the situation in Yemen, and the treatment of the Yazidis by ISIS in northern Iraq. He is the senior UN official concerned with...   More >

The Rise of Extractive Logics

Lecture | March 13 | 5-7 p.m. | 220 Stephens Hall

 Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

 The Program in Critical Theory, International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs, Global Urban Humanities

Among the strong patterns of the post-1980s period in “Western” societies is a mix of economic and political vectors marked by extractive logics. We can find such extractive logics in entities as diverse as mining and Facebook. The rise of such extractive logics is partial, but sufficiently powerful to have altered key features of our economies and societies. For instance, when mass consumption...   More >

Saskia Sassen

CANCELED - Shobna Nijhawan | Gender, Genre and Visuality in the Creation of a Literary 'Canon': Hindi Publishing in Colonial Lucknow

Lecture | March 13 | 5-7:30 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 10 (ISAS Conf. Room) | Canceled

 Shobna Nijhawan, Associate Professor of Hindi at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University, Toronto

 Vasudha Paramasivan, Assistant Professor of Hindi Literature, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley

 Institute for South Asia Studies, Sarah Kailath Chair of India Studies, Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies

A talk by Dr. Shobna Nijhawan, Associate Professor of Hindi at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University, Toronto.

Abject Authorship: A Portrait of the Artist in Ovid and His Renaissance Imitators

Lecture | March 13 | 5 p.m. | Wheeler Hall, Maude Fife Room (315)

 Professor Catherine Bates, University of Warwick

 Department of Classics

Transboundary Natures: The Consequences of the Iron Curtain for Landscape

Lecture | March 13 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Astrid M. Eckert, Emory University

 Institute of European Studies, Center for German and European Studies, GHI West. The Pacific Regional Office of the German Historical Institute Washington DC

This talk investigates the ecological footprint of the Iron Curtain and the consequences of the border regime for landscape and wildlife. It moves beyond the quotidian claim that the Iron Curtain divided ecosystems and landscapes by arguing that the fortifications and all activities that kept them functional became causal – in direct or in mitigated fashion – to changes in the natural environment...   More >

Abject Authorship: A Portrait of the Artist in Ovid and his Renaissance Imitators

Lecture | March 13 | 5:10-7:40 p.m. | Wheeler Hall, 315, Maude Fife

 Catherine Bates, Research Professor, Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick

 Department of English, Department of Comparative Literature, Program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, Townsend Center for the Humanities

Catherine Bates’s recent publications include Masculity and the Hunt: Wyatt to Spenser (Oxford, 2013), which won the British Academy’s Rose Mary Crawshay Prize; On Not Defending Poetry: Defence and Indefensibility in Sidney’s Defence of Poetry (Oxford, 2017); and two edited volumes, The Cambridge Companion to the Epic (Cambridge, 2010) and A Companion to Renaissance Poetry (Oxford, 2018).

Senator Kevin de León: Dispatch from the Resistance

Lecture | March 13 | 5:30 p.m. | International House, Chevron Auditorium

 Senator Kevin de León

 Goldman School of Public Policy

5:30pm - Public Reception | 6:00pm - Public Lecture

About the Lecture and Speaker
Join the Goldman School of Policy, the Berkeley Forum, and California State Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León for a discussion on California’s climate policy leadership and its broader efforts to protect the state’s progressive policies, economy, and people from federal overreach.

As President...   More >

International Alumni Career Chats (Architecture, City Planning and Urban Design)

Career Fair | March 13 | 6-7 p.m. | 305 Wurster Hall

 Berkeley International Office(BIO)), Career Center

International students with majors in humanity and social science areas may face more challenging job market and hurdles with work authorization and visa requirements. Come and talk to the international alumni who graduated with the same majors as you and are working in the Bay Area.


Lecture | March 13 | 220 Stephens Hall

 College of Environmental Design

Highlighting Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University

Intimate concert of Javanese gamelan: by Ngudi Raras, a troupe of musicians visiting from Indonesia

Performing Arts - Music | March 13 | 7:30 p.m. | 125 Morrison Hall

 Department of Music

Admission is free, seating is limited

https://philacimovic.wixsite.com/gamelantour2018/tour-schedule for information about the musicians