Portable, Collaborative, and Transparent Computational Research from the Start

Presentation | December 12 | 1:30-3 p.m. | 190 Doe Library

 Dav Clark, Head of Data Science, Gigantum

 Berkeley Institute for Data Science

While standard practices have emerged - for example, using GitHub to publish the details of a research project - the truth is that a significant amount of manual effort and expertise is required to publish and also to use such open projects. The situation becomes even more untenable when a broader field of expertise comes into play - we can't expect medical doctors and policymakers to learn basic devops to inspect the details of a report. This talk will lay out the complex challenges of sharing computational research, and how the open source Gigantum client coordinates other open tools like Git, Docker, Jupyter, and RStudio to continually track your work automatically from the very beginning. This approach provides single-click inspection for research participants and readers at any level, while still empowering novices to have the powers of a Linux sysadmin, and dramatically simplifying the life of experts so they can focus on what's important - discovery and communication.

All members of the UC Berkeley community are welcome to attend. The program for this event will consist of a brief software introduction followed by a more interactive discussion session to set up example projects, if there's interest. Audience members are invited to bring their laptops to participate in this latter portion of the presentation.

 bids@berkeley.edu, 510-664-4506