Making Elderberry Syrup for the Winter

Workshop | January 30 | 6-8 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Winter is one of the coziest and challenging times for many of us. This season is a wonderful time to hunker down. It is important to take time to slowly prepare herbs and food. Come learn about the herbs that make elderberry syrup powerful. You will go home with your very own herbal concoction. This class is such a sweet way to support yourself through Winter's colds and flus.

In this class you will learn -
Great herbs for Winter in the UC Botanical Garden.
Chinese medicine tips and tricks on staying healthy through Winter.
How to make elderberry syrup.

You will go home with-
More connection to yourself and the Winter plant allies that can support you.
Lots of new Winter wellness knowledge.
Your very own bottle of elderberry syrup to care for yourself + your loved ones through Winter.

Lauren Kaneko-Jones is a seasonal wellness educator who loves supporting clients through the transitions of life. Her professional credits include Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Licensed acupuncturist in California and Nationally. Herbal teas are a daily practice in her life and have greatly supported her ability to stay healthy, boost immunity and feel more vibrant in the varying seasons.

 $60 Adult , $50 Member Adult

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