Contemplating Gratitude: Photography Workshop

Workshop | September 16 | 1-4 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

In this contemplative photography workshop, we will renew our innate sense of gratitude by deliberately delighting in Nature’s grandeur. The garden and our cameras will conspire to hone our wonder and create expressive imagery grounded in gratitude.

Any and all equipment are invited, including DSLRs, mobile phones, point-and-shoot, polaroid, and pinhole cameras. We will emphasize the process of art making and the cultivation of awe over technical considerations. Open to beginning and experienced students.

This is the second of four in our Contemplative Photography series with Becky Jaffe:

July 15, 2019: Contemplating Connection.
August 5, 2019: Contemplating Silence.
September 16, 2019: Contemplating Gratitude.
October 7, 2019: Contemplating Home.

Register for one or all four! Register for each workshop individually. Price below reflects the cost of each workshop.

A photographer, naturalist, and educator, Becky Jaffe is our 2019 Artist in Residence at the UC Botanical Garden. Using in-camera techniques that stretch the photographic medium to create painterly effects, she fuses an artist’s sensibility with a biologist’s curiosity in order to communicate reverence for the natural world. Becky has been a UCBG docent for the past 10 years.

 $80, $75 members (Price is for each individual workshop)

  Register online or by calling 5106649841, or by emailing

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