Room to Write: Time and Space to Celebrate TeacherWords

Workshop | June 17 – 21, 2019 every day | 9 a.m.-12 p.m. | Berkeley Way West, To Be Determined

 Marty Williams, The Bay Area Writing Project

 The Bay Area Writing Project

Have you been attending to the writing of students you teach, not finding room to write yourself? Have you been storing up ideas all year for your own writing? And when you do have a moment to write and reflect, could your writer’s mind use a jumpstart? Have a book, a play, a blog in mind for yourself?

Room to Write might be the answer. A week-long writing workshop for and with other teachers. Your chance to reflect and write about things you have been wanting to get out and onto the page. An opportunity to play with words, images, ideas. Inspiration from a range of prompts and your fellow writers.

Sessions provide the opportunity to:

generate new writing in response to short literary, visual or audio “invitations”
claim the time and space to write
share and receive thoughtful feedback on this fresh writing

This workshop is appropriate for writers with all levels of experience writing in all genres. Come ready to write, receive response, and to respond to others. Learn strategies to support your own writing all year long.

Space will be provided for conversation with other interested teachers about translating your experience as a writer into your practice as a teacher. All grade levels. Writers not in the classroom are encouraged to enroll as well.