BERC and ISAS present: How Clean Energy Can Boost Incomes in the Global South

Lecture | April 18 | 6-7:30 p.m. | Haas School of Business, Chou Hall N440+N444

 Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative, Institute for South Asia Studies

Over the last decade, clean energy innovations have transformed access to electricity and lighting for millions in the global south, but with little economic impact. However, with wide deployment throughout India, solar irrigation pumps have been the exception, improving productivity, product value, reducing inputs costs and improving the economic situation of farmers.

Abhishek Jain from CEEP in India will present on how we can learn from the case of solar irrigation pumps to unlock innovation and commercialization of other renewable-energy-powered appliances, and the lessons that India could offer from its experience on solar irrigation pumps through the energy-water-food nexus, financing, multiple deployment approaches, farmers’ perceptions, and the use of data for their sustainable deployments.

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