Our First Cloud Meetup

Meeting | March 26 | 5-7 p.m. | UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley Skydeck - 2150 Shattuck Avenue

 Data Sciences

We look forward to welcoming you to UC Berkeley for our first cloud computing meetup. The plan for the meetup's format is to have speakers talk about their work. There will be snacks and beverages! This is a welcoming, inclusive community and our meetups are open to everyone with curiosity -- there's no need to have any technical knowledge or experience to join us!

Presenters have been invited to share their experience with a ~15 minute story framed around 3 questions:

1) WHY - Start with Why & the business value / value to mission. Why did you need cloud computing? Describe the big vision, business problem and/or academic challenge (not technical!) that you were trying to solve. (For example, teaching thousands of Berkeley students data science and making it come alive, or enabling citizen scientists around the world to crowd source bird migration data to ascertain patterns...)

2) HOW - How did you end up using cloud computing to solve the challenge? How did you architect, build, design, etc. How do the pieces fit together and how does it work?

3) WHAT - What was the result? What did you learn? Share your war stories, lessons learned, insights, gotchas etc.

5:00- 5:20 Networking / people arrive

5:20 pm:
- Welcome & Why we're doing a cloud meetup — (Bill Allison, UCB CTO, 5 min)
- SkyDeck Sponsor welcome & pitch to apply to the new cohort (Sibyl Chen, Senior Program Director @ SkyDeck 5 min)

5:30: Speaker: Shane Knapp, Rise Lab (15 min)
Shane Knapp is the Staff EECS Research Technical Lead, and works directly with RISELab (https://rise.cs.berkeley.edu) managing a AWS Consolidated Billing Family with around 200 accounts, all doing research tasks in the cloud. Managing an organization of this size is fraught with many perils, and Shane will share war stories, lessons learned and gap between what solutions are possible and what is not.

5:45: Speaker: Lindsey Heagy, Project Jupyter (15 min) Lindsey will be discussing large scale research deployments of JupyterHub in research using Kubernetes like the Pangeo project.

6:00: Speaker: Lukas Gentele, DevSpace (15 min) (The scalability and portability of Kubernetes without the pain of managing an entire cluster https://devspace.cloud/ )

6:15: Q&A - Discussion & feedback

6:30: Networking
7:00pm - End