Berkeley Distinguished Lectures in Data Science: C++: an invisible foundation

Lecture | April 2 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 190 Doe Library

 Bjarne Stroustrup, Morgan Stanley, Columbia University

 Data Sciences

C++ is one of the key foundations of our software – including much of the open source software becoming fundamental for data science. It is invisible to most people because they use it only indirectly. It's in your computer and your phone. It's in the machines that manufacture your computer and your phone. It's in most cars, including all the self-driving ones. It's on Mars and in deep sea robots. It's what runs your JavaScript, Java virtual machine, and your Python AI/ML scripts. Designer and implementer of the language Bjarne Stroustrup will briefly explain what technical aspects of C++ make it so useful. He will focus on design principles, but also touch upon resource management and what it takes to be efficient in various contexts. Finally, he will comment on the challenges facing the C++ community.