The Uighur Crisis in China: One Million and Counting

Lecture | March 6 | 12:50-2 p.m. | Boalt Hall, School of Law, 110 Boalt Hall

 Rushan Abbas, Managing Director, Campaign for Uighurs; Darren Byler, Ph.D, University of Washington

 Peter Jan Honigsberg, University of San Francisco Law

 Human Rights Center

More than one million people, mostly Uighur Muslims, are in
indefinite detention in a secretive network of prisons in
Northwest China. “Xinjiang has become an open-air prison-a
place where Orwellian high-tech surveillance, political
indoctrination, forced cultural assimilation, arbitrary arrests and
disappearances have turned ethnic minorities into strangers in
their own land.” —Kumi Naidoo, secretary-general
of Amnesty International. Lunch will be served.

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