Investigation and Prosecution of Environmental Crime as a Crime Against Humanity with Flaviano Bianchini

Lecture | February 19 | 2:45-4 p.m. | Law Building, Goldberg Room, 297 Simon Hall

 Flaviano Bianchini, Source International

 Human Rights Center

Flaviano Bianchini is the founder and director of
Source International, which works with communities
facing environmental pollution and health problems
principally caused by extractive industries. They
provide high-level technological and scientific
support free of charge to partner communities,
helping them to assess damage to resources and
promote restorative actions.
Bianchini’s studies on the impact of extractive
industries on environment and health have led to
changes in the mining law in Honduras and the
adoption of laws on the welfare for the city of Cerro
de Pasco in Peru. He worked with Amnesty
International on a campaign related to the impact of
mining. He will address the investigation and
prosecution of environmental and climate crime as a
crime against humanity.

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