AHMA Colloquium - Structured space, structured time, structured things: making digital research data reusable

Lecture | February 11 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 308A Doe Library

 Adam Rabinowitz, University of Texas at Austin

 Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, Graduate Group in

This paper is part of a larger lecture series entitled "Digital Humanities and the Ancient World." The series is co-sponsored by the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (AHMA) Colloquium and the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

Scholars in many humanities disciplines now collect digital datasets in the course of their research. Unlike the sciences, however, the humanities place little emphasis on the publication or reuse of those datasets, instead privileging the ideas that the data make possible. This talk will argue that this is a lost opportunity, and will explore the challenges and the potential rewards of the structured description, long-term preservation, and public sharing of digital humanities research datasets. It will discuss tools and approaches that facilitate the creation of metadata and the use of shared standards, including Linked Data gazetteers, using specific examples from the speaker’s own research. Although particular emphasis will be placed on datasets containing data about time and space, the discussion will be relevant to research data of all sorts, from text annotations to 3D models.

 Berkeley, CA 94720, jesobert@berkeley.edu