Neil Bartlett Lectureship: The close and loose relationship between Carbon and Phosphorus

Seminar | February 8 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Manfred Scheer, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Universitat Regensburg

 College of Chemistry

Polyphosphorus units are an important class of compound and isolobal to carbon-based relatives. Because of the lone pairs at the phosphorus atoms, the five-fold symmetric cyclo-P5 ring of the pentaphosphaferrocenes [CpRFe(η5-P5)] enables the use of these complexes in unique supramolecular aggregations with Lewis acidic transition metal moieties to form unprecedented giant spherical molecules (Figure 1, left).1 Moreover, they represent sandwich complexes with a flexible redox2 and substitution behavior3 (Figure 1, right-top and center), different from the one of the carbon-based analogue ferrocene. The talk will compare similarities and differences between P- and C-based compounds and show some advantages of the former ones. Furthermore, the use of alternative reagents4 to synthesize such powerful starting materials of polypnictogen complexes and other surprising compounds will be presented., 510-643-0572

 The close and loose relationship between Carbon and Phosphorus