The Next Generation of Impact Investing

Panel Discussion | May 23 | 5:30-7:30 p.m. |  The Port Workspaces

 344 Thomas Berkley Way, Oakland, CA 94612

 Center for Responsible Business

Asset Management, and Triple Summit Advisors for a panel discussion on the next generation of impact investing. Our speakers will discuss what impact investing means to them and what they are doing to work with the next generation of investors who want to make meaningful change in their investments and businesses.

They will also speak about the overall growth and trends within the industry, and the differences between the public and private sector investments. They will examine the barriers to adoption and potential solutions to move greater amounts of capital to investments that maximize returns and have a positive impact on the overwhelming environmental and social issues of today. Each panelist will share impact investing perspectives and provide tips and ideas with the audience on how each individual can make an impact.