It’s not personal: Why being happy should be one of your explicit professional goals

Seminar | March 14 | 6-7 p.m. | 105 Stanley Hall

 Dr. Troy Lionberger, Senior Manager of Technology Development at Berkeley Lights

 Thriving in Science

As scientists, we are trained to think of our science as a deterministic process. We organize our research following the scientific method, execute experiments to the best of our abilities, and the honest truth is that most of our professional lives will be spent encountering failure. How we deal with failure (an unavoidable part of the scientific process) is what will ultimately determine whether or not we will positively advance our scientific careers. In this talk, I will discuss why considering our personal happiness should be considered as part of a comprehensive career plan and how my Thriving in Science peer support group helped me do the best (and most fulfilling) science of my life.