Tea Around The World

Social Event | March 5 – 8, 2018 every day with exceptions |  Sproul Plaza

 Berkeley Food Institute

What better than some homemade tea in the midst of a cold, midterm week?

With our goal of promoting food, culture and wellness, KABIRA at Berkeley will be serving traditional teas from South and South East Asia & Middle East right here on campus!

As you stop by next week, you will also get to learn more about the significance of tea among these cultures from us.

Moreover, by buying a cup at a minimal price, you could help us raise greater contributions towards Syrian refugee relief.

MON 3/5:
~ Indian masala chai, with ginger and cardamom
~ with Organic, rBST-free milk

WED 3/7:
~ Morrocan mint tea, with 100% natural honey

THURS 3/8:
~ Royal Thai ice tea
~ with Organic, rBST-free milk
~ OR with coconut milk

| Event co-sponsored by Berkeley Food Institute |


(No event on these dates: March 6, 2018)