Cal Day - Nimely Pan African Dance Company

Performing Arts - Dance | April 21 | 11-11:20 a.m. | Hearst Museum of Anthropology, 103 Kroeber Hall | Note change in time

 Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Founded by Nimely Napla, this Oakland based group will perform a dance representing a rite of passage for young men of the Vai, Gola, and Mende ethnic groups of Liberia's northeast mountains. Full-body mask dancers embody divine spirits of the African bush and of the community. The masks appear with special permission granted from Poro and Sande societies.

Stop by all day for free admission to the Hearst Museum in celebration of Cal Day 2018 and check out the current exhibit Face to Face: Looking at Objects That Look at You. This timely exhibit cultivates critical thinking about crucial issues such as stereotyping, representation and misrepresentation, and snap judgments. Visitors are invited to examine the way they themselves depict and interpret faces in their everyday lives.
[Photo: World Arts West]