Generation: 2018 UC Berkeley Art Alumni Exhibition

Exhibit - Multimedia | February 21 – March 8, 2018 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday | 12-5 p.m. | Kroeber Hall, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, 116 Kroeber Hall

 Department of Art Practice

Generation features 81 UC Berkeley alumni artists whose work addresses – practically or poetically – the extraordinary moment in which we find ourselves. The Art Alumni Group represents people of different generations, times, and experiences, with a broad range of relationships to history. But we create work in the present, a present where we clearly need to generate something new.

Our alumni, students, and the general public are invited to join us for an Opening Reception and Reunion Celebration: 5 – 8pm, Saturday, February 24th!

TxtGeneration – an evening of artist readings
5 – 7pm, Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
Open Call for Artist/Writers due Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Artists participating in show:
Aixaves, Eric Almanza, Dru Anderson, Miguel Arzabe, Caz Azevedo, Tara Baghdassarian, Lindsay Benedict, Michael Berens, Leo Bersamina, Priscilla Birge, László Bolender, Sara Bright, Cristina Cabrera, Eduardo Chaidez, Yuan Chen, Susan Cooper, Madelyn Covey, Mel Day, Louisa de Cossy, Louis DeLuco, Leslie Dreyer, John Edwards, Jose Figueroa, Aaron Gach, Tanja Geis, Annette Goodfriend, Lydia Greer, Harold Hare, Drew Ingersoll, Paul Kalbach, Damien Kardokas Johanson, Kathleen King, Jeff King, Carol Ladewig, Christine Lando, Stephen Laub, Lee Lavy, Ro Lawrence, Adriana Lemus, Grant Hao-Wei Lin, Chalda Maloff, Kara Maria, Susan Matthews, Joe McKay, Kay T Meyer, Noritaka Minami, Indira Martina Morre, Michelle Ott, Cleo Papanikolas, Stephanie Peek, Howard Penner, Sarah Player Morrison, Reaa Puri, Elise Putnam, Laura Raboff, Sofie Ramos, Sonya Rapoport, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Katie Revilla, Mayela Rodriguez, Wendy Rule, Maja Ruznic, Azin Seraj, Wenhua Shi, Linda Simmel, Karinne Smith, Laura Stanley, Livia Stein, Marianne Swanson Foote, Kim Thoman, Lauren Toomer, Shirin Towfiq, Simon Tran, Trevor Tubelle, Merav Tzur, Isaac Vazquez Avila, David Wallace, Brea Weinreb, Andrew Werby, Jennifer White Kuri, Gladys Wong


 All Audiences, Alumni

 All Audiences

  RSVP online

 (510) 642-2582

 Monday through Thursday, 12 – 5 pm