Information and Embodiment

Seminar | February 9 | 3:10-5 p.m. | 107 South Hall

 Marcia Bates

 Information, School of

Looking for and gathering information is usually viewed as a primarily cognitive process. But information is absorbed and processed through the body as well. A fuller understanding of human interaction with information requires the integration of a sense of physical embodiment as well. The study of embodiment has infused anthropology, psychology, and biology in recent years. In the paper, portions of this research are brought to bear on the study of human information seeking and use. Topics addressed briefly in a targeted way include: Information and Survival, the Law of Requisite Variety, Information Literacy, Ecological Psychology, the New Unconscious, Grounded and Embodied Cognition, the Extended Phenotype, Niche Construction, and Cognitive Assemblages. In the talk, some of these topics will be used to exemplify the embodiment approach.