Sound meditation for Sleep (BEUHS057)

Workshop | March 14 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Section Club

 Melissa Felsenstein, Inner Sounds Yoga

 Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance

Experience the powerful effects of live sound during this special, free sound meditation. Learn how sound can be used as therapy to help reduce stress, release tension, balance the nervous system, and encourage healthier sleep. Feel a deeper sense of relaxation and renewal as you are immersed in tone and vibration of quartz crystal bowls and other instruments.

Participants have reported achieving meditative brainwave states, feeling a mental calm and self-connection, and receiving a very good night's rest the day of the sound bath and days following. Theta meditative brainwave states have been reported by participants and can assist with creative problem solving, spontaneous insight, and intuitive guidance.

Come experience something completely new and invigorating - no yoga is practiced, simply lay down and receive sound.

A self-proclaimed “reformed” relaxer, Melissa Felsenstein focuses her work on restoring the nervous system through the use of live sound with quartz crystal singing bowls and specifically tuned gongs. These unique
instruments have the ability to release physical tension, restore sleep, balance the nervous system, and create portals into meditative like states through a scientific process called entrainment.

It was these properties that led Melissa to use sound as a therapeutic tool to break through anxiety and depression after a loved one fell gravely mentally ill. Now, she offers a sound as therapy for others to receive a contemplative quiet in her sound events, classes, and private sessions. Melissa Felsenstein is a certified 700 hr yoga therapist and has been using sound as therapy for over ten years. Her mission is to offer others a receiving space for inward listening, deeper truths, and sustained harmony. Learn more at

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