Critic's Choice Submission Guidelines

The Critic’s choice calendar serves as the home page for the campuswide calendar of events. Events are selected based on the prominence of the speakers in their fields and their appeal to a wide audience. Please submit events for consideration at least seven business days prior to the date of the event. Featured events must take place on campus.

Here's how to suggest a highlight:

  1. Submit your event to the UC Berkeley Calendar Network in order to be publicized on the campuswide calendar.
  2. Click the checkbox marked "Recommend for Critic's choice highlight" in the section of the submission form entitled "Calendars That May Publish Your Event".
  3. Make sure to include all important details — event description, speaker bio, registration costs, and URL for more info. Digital images should be 468 x 312px.

NOTE: The Critic’s choice selection is first-come, first-served. Descriptions may be edited. Succinct submissions, rather than lengthy press releases, preferred.