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The Adversary, Satyajit Ray (India, 1970)

Film - Feature | March 30 | 5:15 p.m. |  PFA Theater

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Institute for South Asia Studies

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(Pratidwandi). Created amid the growing social unrest and political violence of India (and the world) post-1969, and specifically responding to Bengal’s armed Naxalite radical movement, The Adversary is Ray at his most openly political, yet also Ray at his most compassionate and even humorous. A young college graduate seeks employment (or at least respect) in Calcutta, “that nightmare city” (as Ray described it at the time), and finds neither. Indifferent to joining polite society, his younger brother chooses revolution instead. “This is Ray’s funniest, most piercing film,” wrote Pauline Kael; “its humanism is like the quality of Olmi’s Il Posto.”

—Jason Sanders

• Written by Ray, based on a story by Sunil Ganguly. Photographed by Soumendu Roy. With Dhritiman Chatterjee, Jayashree Roy, Krishna Bose. (110 mins, In Bengali with English subtitles, B&W, 35mm, permission Purnima Dutta)

 $5.50 BAM/PFA member; Cal Student, Staff, Faculty, and retirees; Children (12 and under),  $6.50 Cal Faculty and Staff; Disabled Patron; Non Cal Student; Senior Patron ( 65 & Older); General Admission Youth (17 & under),  $9.50 General Admission, 510-642-0808