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A Tomb for Khun Srun (2015, 63 mins.)

Film - Documentary | April 17 | 6-7:30 p.m. | 370 Dwinelle Hall

Eric Galmard, Director

Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies, Asian American Studies

This documentary film, directed by Eric Galmard (who will be in attendance at the screening), looks at the life of Khun Srun, a brilliant Cambodian writer who joined the Khmer Rouge in 1973 only to be executed by the regime in December 1978. The film aims to bring attention to his literary voice, combined with a present-day focus on his daughter, Khun Khem, as she looks into her father's history. The only surviving member of this family, she lives in a precarious state in Pailin, a former Khmer Rouge stronghold.

Eric Galmard is on the faculty of the University of Strasbourg where he teaches documentary and Asian cinema in the Faculty of Arts. He recently contributed a chapter on Amir Muhammad’s film "The Last Communist" to the edited volume Les Cinemas d’Asie (2016), 510-642-3609