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The Opto-Electronic Physics Which Just Broke the Efficiencey Record in Solar Cells

Colloquium | September 17 | 4:15-5:30 p.m. | LeConte Hall, Room #1

Eli Yablonovitch, Professor of Physical Electronics and Director of the NSF Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Sience, UC Berkeley

Department of Physics

Solar Cells are an enjoyable playground for Statistical Physics. We are finally approaching the Shockley-Queisser (SQ) limit for single junction solar cell ~33.5% efficiency under the standard solar spectrum. Previously, the record had been stuck at 25.1%, during 1990-2007. Why then the 8% discrepancy between the theoretical limit 33.5% versus the previously achieved efficiency?

Counter-intuitively, efficient external fluorescence is a necessity for approaching the ultimate limits. Now new efficiency records are being broken. Alta Devices Inc., has reached 28.8%. A great Solar Cell also needs to be a great Light Emitting Diode.

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All Audiences, 510-642-3034