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Multimodal Level-of-Service Analysis

Course | June 18 – 19, 2014 every day | 1-4 p.m. |  Online

Technology Transfer Program

Recent legislation, as well as public sentiment, has made it imperative that transportation professionals better understand how to analyze complete streets that serve all users. This new online course provides the basics and practical applications of analysis procedures for determining level of service for pedestrians, bicyclists, bus transit users, and auto users. It emphasizes the methods that have been developed in the recently released Highway Capacity Manual update (HCM 2010), although other methods will be discussed. This course focuses on urban/suburban streets (non-freeways). Applications of analyses include improving transportation impact studies, environmental impact reports and project mitigation, new development design standards, and setting level of significance guidelines as part of the CEQA review process. Attendees will also become familiar with:

- cross-modal impacts (when capacity or physical characteristics of one mode are changed and thereby affect another mode using the street)
- labor saving shortcuts for data collection (because the methodology can be very "data hungry")

This course is a combination of instructor presentations and a brief overnight homework exercise to apply the techniques in the real-world. The material complements TE-05 (Traffic Operations and Highway Capacity Analysis) and students are encouraged to take both classes, although each can be taken as a stand-alone class., 510-643-4393