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Fundamentals of Inspection Practice PD-01

Course | June 18 – 19, 2013 every day | 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | Richmond Field Station, Building 445

Joseph Goldhammer, Retired, County of San Diego; Larry Horsman, Civil & Materials Engineer, County of San Diego

Institute of Transportation Studies

Inspectors are key members of the construction project team. Inspectors ensure that public agencies produce quality projects and help reduce potential liability caused by poor engineering performance. The administrative and technical responsibilities of the inspector continue throughout project delivery and are critical for effectively maintaining a project's compliance with contract requirements.

This course provides an introduction to all of the basic skills needed by the field inspector for most traditional highway construction projects.

Topics Include
scope of an inspector's authority and responsibilities
documentation, reports, and legal requirements
how the inspector helps ensure safety on the job site
how to minimize disputes and claims between parties and get your point across to the contractor
inspection methods and tips for earthworks, pilings, asphalt pavement construction, pipelines, portland cement, protective coatings
duties of the inspector at project closeout

What You Will Learn
Students gain good working knowledge of the sources, scope, and limits of the inspector's authority and responsibilities, including the importance of inspectors for reducing liability risks for the public agency. Students learn how to inspect wood construction, structural steel, earthworks, pavement, pipelines, Portland Cement concrete, and protective coatings; what to do when a problem is found; and how to be an effective member of the construction project team.

Who Should Attend
This course is intended for public agency resident engineers and construction inspectors responsible for the physical observation and inspection of construction work on the job site.


Registration opens January 1. Register by June 17 online, or by calling Dana Oldknow at 510-643-4393, or by emailing Dana Oldknow at, 510-643-4393