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Pedestrain Facility Design TE-32

Course | May 21 – 23, 2013 every day | 1:30-4 p.m. |  Online workshop only

Bruce Appleyard, PhD, Principal, CFA Consultants; Rafat Raie, PE, City Traffic Engineer, City of Walnut Creek

Institute of Transportation Studies

State and federal policies assert that pedestrian facilities are important parts of a multi-modal transportation system. Communities across California are asking for more emphasis on walkability, with facilities that are safe and comfortable for all pedestrians, including those who are disabled. This new course covers principles and good practices, including how to plan, design, and operate a wide range of pedestrian-friendly facilities, including sidewalks, crosswalks, and other public spaces adjoining or intersecting the vehicular transportation system. Application of current standards and guidelines is emphasized. Case studies supplement lectures.

Topics Include
treatment options for safe pedestrian crossings, including signal options and operations
design guidelines & standards for pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, transit stops, and public spaces
ways to safely integrate pedestrian facilities with motorized traffic
ADA requirements, guidelines, and implementation strategies
how to formulate community design guidelines for local streets and neighborhoods
integrating pedestrian concerns into local zoning codes and general plan policies
use of GIS tools

What You Will Learn
Students learn how to create a variety of pedestrian-friendly facilities while staying within federal and state standards and guidelines for safety and meeting current ADA requirements.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for engineers, planners, and consultants with responsibility for planning, designing or constructing pedestrian facilities along streets and highways.


Registration opens January 1. Register by May 20 online, or by calling Dana Oldknow at 510-643-4393, or by emailing Dana Oldknow at, 510-643-4393