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California MUTCD Update Workshop TE-06

Course | April 23 | 8 a.m. | 226 National University, Fresno

20 River Parl Place West, Fresno, CA 93720

Rock Miller, PE, Stantec Consulting, Institute of Transportation Engineers

Institute of Transportation Studies

Are you aware that California recently adopted a new CA MUTCD standard and it affects how you do your daily work in transportation?
Are you aware that California has adopted another updated version of the MUTCD in early 2012, which further updates or changes the State's traffic control requirements?
Are you aware of your company or public agency's requirements to follow this document related to transportation projects?
Are you wondering how the prior Traffic Manual, the Federal MUTCD adopted in 2009, and California Supplement to the MUTCD all relate to each other and to your work?
Do you know the status of some of the more significant changes to the MUTCD, such as signal timing parameters, pedestrian traffic controls, traffic signs, and speed zones apply?
Would you like to find out how other California practitioners are applying these new standards and guidelines successfully? Would you like to benefit from their real-world, transportation experience in both the public and private sides of the industry, and be able to apply their "lessons learned" to your projects spanning traffic control devices, signage, traffic signals, school zones, pavement markings, and the latest requirements and guidance for these?
Do you want to hear about some of the changes that have been approved for 2012?

If so, you will want to attend this important workshop, which emphasizes application areas of the new CA MUTCD.

Learn where your prior California Supplement/Traffic Manual applications still apply or have become outdated. Fully understand where and how California practice differs from Federal practice to be in compliance. Pick-up wide-ranging good practices in applying these standards to new and existing transportation facilities in California.

The workshop is a combination of presentations by experts, discussion, and Q&A, so whether you are a seasoned practioner or completely new to the field, bring your issues and experience to further your knowledge.

Topics Include
Important changes due to the adoption of the CA MUTCD
How the prior California Supplement and Traffic manuals still apply and don't apply
CA versus Federal Differences
Issues encountered by practitioners
All-way STOP application and useful forms
Application of speed zones and the law of the real-world tips!
Application of warning signs and key curve advisory standards
Differences between and applications of guide, warning, and regulatory signs
Improperly used signs
Application and recent changes to traffic signal warrants
Traffic signal timing parameters and operations
School area traffic controls devices, recent changes and application
Common errors by practitioners
Good practices

Who Should Attend
This 1-day workshop will benefit traffic engineers, planners, and technicians who work in the various facets of traffic engineering. The workshop will also benefit other individuals who wish to learn about practical applications of the MUTCD to traffic engineering practice. Individuals with or without prior knowledge of the MUTCD will benefit.


Registration opens January 1. Register by April 23 online, or by calling Dana Oldknow at 510-643-4393, or by emailing Dana Oldknow at, 510-643-4393