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Intercultural Literacy: Use Your Emotional Intelligence to Bridge Cultural Styles at Work

Workshop: Highlight | August 1 | 1-5 p.m. | International House, Sproul Room

T. Glen Sebera, Renaissance Consulting Group

breidi Truscott Roberts, International House


Working in a university setting with a diverse population of staff, students and faculty can pose interpersonal challenges when languages, world views, and values clash. Furthermore, the international student populations are rising year by year at Cal; many staff are wondering how to interact with the students, scholars, postdocs and researchers who come from all over the world.

This workshop applies the concepts of emotional intelligence to address everyday intercultural and diversity experiences at UC Berkeley from encounters with colleagues and students from around the globe to more intricate aspects of collaborating in a multicultural work environment. Participants in this workshop will receive tools that help them understand their own and others’ culturally-motivated behaviors, see the benefits and limitations of all norms, and cultivate empathy. This interactive workshop includes facilitated discussions, team-work, and individual introspection to get to the core learning of this workshop: Curiosity as the antidote to defensiveness.

Each participant will also create a list of action items to apply at work, taking awareness of emotional intelligence to action, leading to a more positive, productive and inclusive work environment. Following the workshop attendees will have the opportunity to receive free individual coaching (depending on interest and availability).

Registration required. Register online through the UC Learning Center on blu.



Open to UCB Staff only, 510-643-2806