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The Present and Future of the Irish Language: A Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion | September 6 | 5-7:30 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 220 Stephens Hall - Geballe Room, Townsend Center for the Humanities

Institute of European Studies

What is the state of the Irish language in a globalized world? Long under threat, Irish has rebounded in recent decades, thriving as a community and literary language while serving as Ireland's official language and an official language of the European Union. While Irish remains a crucial marker of cultural identity for the citizens and residents of Ireland, and for the diaspora worldwide, its transmission and vitality as a living language depends on continued and creative usage among the next generation of speakers.

This panel brings together experts from tech, media, and higher education to discuss the current presence of Irish as a spoken and digital language, where it is headed, and which new tools will be part of its future.


Tom Fitzgerald (Founder, Litrí

Myk Klemme (Web and UX Developer,

Caoimhe Ní Chonchoille (Multimedia Journalist, RTE)

Kevin Scannell​ ​(Computational Linguist / Professor, Saint Louis University)

Imelda White (Lecturer Emerita, Celtic Studies, UC Berkeley)

Moderated by Colm Ó Riain (Machine Intelligence Research Institute)


Register online.

CA,, 510-643-5799