Mongolia excursion July 15-26, 2017

Tour/Open House: Mongolia Initiative | July 15 |  Mongolia

 Uranchimeg Tsultem, History of Art, UC Berkeley

 UC Berkeley Mongolia Initiative

Mongolia is a place with rich cultural and natural heritage. Learn about prehistoric monuments known as Hirgisuur, deer stones and stone men, and what forms of art were brought in by Buddhist monks. Visit ruins of ancient cities and look for traces of cultures once inhabiting eastern Mongolia. Meet some of the modern day nomads roaming the vast steppes of eastern Mongolia whose lives essentially have not changed for over several millennia.

Our expedition will start from Ulaanbaatar and move eastwards visiting places of Chinggis Khaan’s period and end with visits to the sites of the Gobi Desert where some of the first Buddhist monasteries have been set up. Join us on this exclusive trip co-organized with famous Mongolian art historian, Dr. Uranchimeg Tsultemin, to learn about Mongolia’s ancient culture and art.

A description with itinerary and costs is attached., 510-642-2809