Microsoft Excel Charts (BETEC022)

Course | November 8 | 9 a.m.-12 p.m. | 28 University Hall

 Kathleen Valerio

 Human Resources

"Course Description
This course details the process of chart creation and manipulation in Microsoft Excel. Emphasis is placed on proper structure of source data, functional differences of various chart types, and conversion of charts into pictures for use in other programs.

Learning Objectives
* Understand the functional differences of Charts versus PivotCharts.
* Use best practices for laying out, preparing, and selecting data for charting.
* Create multiple charts of various types to best visualize data.
* Identify and select data series and data points.
* Add and format chart elements.
* Convert a chart into a picture for use in other file types such as Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.
* Create Sparklines to plot data trends within individual cells."